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Pogba situation 'precarious'

French starlet could be set to leave Old Trafford

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Abdou233870d ago

I think if it wasn't for the agent we wouldn't hear any transfer rumours about him.I watched him against Stock ( Stock was it ?!! ) he looked confident and's just he want to play when every match for UTD is crucial and there is just no chance to try an inexperienced player. If he knows what's best for him he would renew immediately.

Ninjamonkey823870d ago

Kid needs to ditch that Agent take his head out of the clouds and start thinking tbh. Get his head down train hard and it will come good for him.

SAF sees the good in his young talent and he brings them threw as and when there ready.

Kid can't expect everything right away thats just silly. Whos to say Juventus would treat him any different. End of the day maybe its an additude issue holding him back.