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Highlights: Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal (English Premier League - 03/03/12)

1-0 Laurent Koscielny 23′ (OG)
1-1 Robin van Persie 31′
1-2 Robin van Persie 90+2′

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buddymagoo3867d ago

What a player Van Persie is, you just have to admire him.

ProjectVulcan3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Arsenal are not a great team, just looking at their results against 'good' sides. However today showed that one individual player of genuine world class pedigree can make a big difference. He was the difference yet again today separating the sides and has scored 10 winners this season.

Why o why3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Ive never seen van persie pass to himself or save a penalty. Over reliant on our striker, yes, one man team, give it a rest and what does that say about the rest of the teams below arsenal if only 3 squads are above our one man team....are they no man teams or something. His job is to score winners, if he only scored in routs people would then say he doesnt score enough winners and so forth.

ProjectVulcan3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I would like to see you point out where i said Arsenal were a one man team?

Hmm. I don't see where i wrote that. Try and read properly next time.

Sounds like a touchy subject to me. What Van Persie did today was prove that a world class player can separate two teams and make a big difference. That was the gist of what i said. Indeed even the most stupid Arsenal fan must admit Liverpool were in fact the better team nearly all game but their poor finishing versus the finishing of a single world class striker in the opposition made all the difference to the result.

However i will not retract the idea this Arsenal are not a great team. They just aren't- they may take 4th because it is gifted to them, but they are not great by premier league standards (since when was 4th great), not great by european standards and not great even by Arsenal standards from the past 15 years.

Computersaysno3866d ago

Arsenal were outclassed most of the game. But RvP was deadly in the finish compared to the constant wastage by Liverpool. Only 5 teams have scored less goals than Liverpool at home this season in the premier league. So a deadly deadly striker in Arsenals side made a huge difference.

It makes it worse for Liverpool i think looking at the money spent on their attack.

asmith23063866d ago

What about the ball from Song? Brilliant pass. Arsenal have some great players, but some very dodgy ones as well.

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Ben Dover3867d ago

Without a doubt the best player in the PL. No competition.

badz1493867d ago

Yet with 2 touches, he took the entire game home. Hats off to him but seriously, Liverpool needs to defend better. How could you let the current top scorer slipped through like that?

KonohagakureFC3867d ago

Boy Liverpool really suck at taking penalties, 5 missed out of 10 this season and then the whole carling cup drama... Saurez needs to dive more often so they can practice

kulka3867d ago

How did we lose this we should have been 4-1 up before Van persie scored

zico3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Agree, I`m soooooo disappointed:-(

zeddy3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

lfc are not going to win a lot with the likes of downing, henderson, adam and spearing. winning the league cup is one thing but you need decent players to get in the top 4.

NewMonday3867d ago

so true they bring the club down to their level

utterly mediocre

3867d ago
ngecenk3867d ago

kelly is useless. can't cross a proper ball to suarez. and carol should be on earlier, without mertesacker he could win a lot of heading.

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asmith23063867d ago

Van Persie is class. Best striker in the world after Messi for me. Where are all the hypocritical Arsenal supporters calling for Wengers head? Idiots.

Why o why3867d ago

Some will still call for his hea over his mismanagement of players. What a game though. Van p is a beast. Lets push on from here.

asmith23063866d ago

Even after playing with centre backs at full back for most of the season Arsenal are in fourth spot, above Liverpool and Chelsea and in my opinion will pip Spurs for third. Some 'mismanagement'. I don't know any other manager who could do so well with the current Arsenal squad what Wenger is doing. He consistently gets into the CL and keeps the books profitable, which in years to come will stand to them. Look at Rangers situation. No club is bulletproof if they are in debt.

3867d ago
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