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Chelsea axe Villas-Boas

Chelsea have confirmed that manager Andre Villas-Boas has been sacked and that making a change was the club's 'only option'.

Villas-Boas only took charge at Stamford Bridge last summer following the departure of Carlo Ancelotti, but has endured a difficult time at the helm.

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krazykombatant3861d ago

Ok lets clear things up here, I'm no Chelsea fan.

But seriously, "only option" that sounds ridiculous. Obviously Roman is stupid enough to think that hes just not managing the squad like he should. The team is pretty much the exact same as when Mou was in the club and that was pretty much ages ago.

Sure he wasn't doing great, but he was managing a team that he did not have a hand in putting together. How is it his fault that Torres is a bust and won't score goals???

Why does he bench him? because whats the point of putting a broken player out there from the get go. put him half way into a game and hope he scores something. Then ashley cole and lampard where of no help to him. Who knows what the other problems where going on in the locker room.

In my opinion, I think chelsea look even more vulnerable now than ever before in the season. All they had to do was survive till the end of the season and try and set up for next year with AVB under control. I think arsenal might just get into that 4th place.

So much for stability for chelsea going into next year. What good coaches are there for chelsea to hire during the summer??

ProjectVulcan3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

This whole farce began with sacking Ancelotti, a world class coach who delivered a double in 2010. He was given a super expensive striker he clearly did not ask for. It is obvious Torres flopping had nothing to do with Ancelotti, especially now.

Last season under Ancelotti Chelsea still managed a perfectly respectable 2nd with an aging team in clear need of a rebuild. A YEAR ago it was clear a rebuild was needed!

So what did Abramovich do to a manager who had already proven his class in 2010? Finished 2nd in 2011? Back the Italian to the hilt with money so he could rebuild the side as he wanted?

No, he sacked him, installed a young inexperienced manager with one good year at top level management whose release cost an absolute fortune. Money would have been better spent on a player. AVB had little time to scout the players he might want and bring them in before the season began, with clearly the weakest Chelsea team in nearly a decade.

Less than a year later Chelsea have struggled badly. Maybe some of the blame must lie with AVB, but by far most of it should lie with the owner.

I understand the owner's money made Chelsea into a 'big' club and brought honours again- but the fans HAVE to pressure him to stop meddling and upsetting the stability of the club.

His meddling has now made it difficult for any manager. The financial rules are in place, and Chelsea can no longer afford to blow hundreds of millions anymore without infringing them. They have a MASSIVE problem. The ONLY solution then is not a quickie fix spending a bunch at once, the solution is a LONG TERM project. A good manager who could spend maybe 50m a season can return the club to the top, inside a few years but no sooner.

No manager even has time to organise a rebuild plan for the club because they would be constantly in fear of the axe if the results do not happen now, now, NOW! Abramovich must have patience now. He should install a new manager, get it right and HANDS OFF the transfers, and promise him job security at least 2 years no matter what happens. Then Chelsea could move forward.

krazykombatant3861d ago

Well said, I wouldn't just blame the owner as much as for the players, who should be ashamed of themselves thinking that they are higher than the club and even the coach at that!

It'll be a while before chelsea are back to top competitive form.

Abdou233861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Why didn't they just leave him for the rest of the season ?! will the results get better with Di Matteo ?!


Not really suprising but what do you expect from a terribly run club. I can honestly say aslong aslong as Abramovich is in charge, I hope Chelsea's problems get worse and they achieve nothing.

Looking forward to seeing who he'll sack next season.

jak3y13oy3861d ago

256 days he was manger for...
apparently Rafa Benitez will be the next manager?


silvacrest3861d ago

im not saying sacking AVB was the right way to go but something had to change and him going would be the easiest and probably cheapest

i doubt we will keep fourth spot so i can only hope that new younger players are brought in as soon as the premier league ends

Mozilla893860d ago

I still think we can get fourth. I feel bad about AVB
but he has made some mistakes in managing players. I totally didn't agree with the way he treated Alex and Anelka.

I think this team is probably experienced enough to manage itself to 4th. This is assuming that performances improve because AVB is no longer there.

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The story is too old to be commented.