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Highlights: Tottenham 1-3 Manchester United (English Premier League - 04/03/12)

0-1 Wayne Rooney 45′
0-2 Ashley Young 60′
0-3 Ashley Young 69′
1-3 87′ Jermain Defoe

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buddymagoo3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Come on United!! When we play bad and the other team plays their best, we still win 3-1. It's the United spirit!

zeddy3985d ago

we didnt play great but they werent exactly peppering our goal. we deserve the win just for the way rio and evans defended. the hand ball on adebayor was kind of harsh but it was the right decision.

ProjectVulcan3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Agrees. Spurs were the better team first half and even kept the pressure up til the 2nd goal on the hour, but they didn't exactly make a bunch of clear cut chances. They asked questions of the defence sure, but that isn't enough because Ferdinand in particular was outstanding and answered them all.

When United turned it around to ask fairly simple questions Spurs just lost concentration completely, for each goal they were caught napping. Basic stuff, set pieces, throw in and just giving Young sooooo much space. You just cannot do that against top sides at this level. United were absolutely ruthless and punished each mistake mercilessly. That is the sign of a side with determination to take City to the bitter end this season.

Spurs must pick themselves up and close out third, because they way they have played this season has been wonderful at times and they deserve it. Maybe next season they will take all these lessons on as experience and push even harder. Or maybe it'll all go wrong if Redknapp leaves. Either way the run in is vital to them now, and next season will be a huge one.

As for Manchester United, they have a beautiful looking run in, with all of their remaining games bar the one at the Etihad against opposition 8th or lower. The Fulham, West Brom and Everton games are all at home too.

Eyeing up City, they still have to play Chelsea then Arsenal and Newcastle away as well as a bunch of other tricky away games like Stoke and Norwich. This title race is faaaar from over...

Infernostew3985d ago

Not the greatest display from the boys today but Young, Rio, and De Gae were all fantastic today. Great to see Rooney grab a goal after being out and still only 2 point behind million dollar spenders citeh. Hope were can take maximum points over the next stretch of games after tackling some tough competition within the last few weeks. Even at our worst, we're better than most. And the Reds go marching on!

buddymagoo3984d ago

I feel more confident with De Gea lately. Where I used to expect to concede now I believe he will make a save. As for Young it is his first season at the club and we can only expect him to get better!

asmith23063984d ago

Ever since Redknapp opened his mouth about the England job Spurs have been sliding. They don't look like the confident side they were a while back. Shame really. Off to Old Trafford for the Utd - West Brom game this week, lets hope for some goals!