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Messi - Aguero must join Real

Lionel Messi is encouraging his international team-mate and Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero to return to Spain.

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ProjectVulcan3983d ago

It will be a test for City in the near future. To see how big a club they really are, if they are as big as they hope. Can they keep hold of their best players, if money is no longer the way to tempt them? They can't afford to pay mad wages forever, not with the Financial rules.

I am sure Aguero is staying put for now, but we will see soon enough how attractive the club is when wages are not massively inflated.

Gamer19823983d ago

Wages arent the only thing keeping players at the club and when they win the title that will be icing on the cake. People just use wages as an excuse nowadays for Citys players but many did believe in the project City tried to create and wanted to be there when City really take off.

ProjectVulcan3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Be realistic, City is a club mostly built on massive wages. This cannot be denied. Just look at the link below.

The only way the very top class of player that initially arrived came because of the huge wages. The ones that raised the club up to title winning level. Otherwise they would simply not have walked in the door and you have to admit that.

I am asking the question because this is not entirely sustainable unless City grow, and grow quickly their revenue streams and their size of a club to a world brand.

It has taken Chelsea nearly 10 years and their revenue has rocketed, yet it is still not as much as Arsenal's built over decades and it is STILL not enough to break even.....

Its not an excuse at all it is called reality. Don't deny that everyone turned up to sign on because they believed in the club. A great deal of them believed in getting paid vast sums that they would never get from other clubs.

Unless City can be a 'big' club and tempt players for less cash and more idealogy- true believers, then eventually the financial rules will catch up with them quickly, what with the wage bill being more than the clubs entire revenue(!) from last year.

Sahil3983d ago

am sure if he was just after money, he wud've gone to Anzhi whatever.

b163o13983d ago

Well, I really hope Sergio is his own man and listens to himself. You got Maradona saying he should have got to Real, now you got Messi asking him to join there Rival which is a little odd to me. Sergio has stated that he'd never play with a them beginning with a "R". If he stays, he'll be appreciated. If he leaves, he'll be another fish in a over stocked pond.


dcortz20273983d ago

I don't think he should, why? Because Sergio Aguero is making a name for himself at Manchester City, he wouldn't get the same opportunity with Real Madrid.