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Chelsea’s £50m mistake

Owner Roman Abramovich is counting the £50million cost of AVB's managerial reign.

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buddymagoo3857d ago

He never had a chance. They should just appoint Lampard and Terry. That way they will get their own way.

kulka3857d ago

Finacial fair play 50 million which could have been spent on new talented young players who would bring the club back up..

goku323593857d ago

Chelsea seem to have had more than a couple £50 mistakes lately lol

shadowraiden3857d ago

This wasnt a mistake the sacking was the mistake what does he expect from a team of has beens and non performers doesnt matter who manages that team and tbh doubt they end up with champs league end of season.

the team has stayed the same for too long without having younger players brought in for future to replace and now their stuck with a team that is past it.

also AVB was stuck with what was 2 world class strikers if not the best in world but now look like average strikers that would struggle to get into likes of fulham,sunderland etc(if form alone and not reputation was the deciding factor) so what could he do when he had to try and re-haul the whole team