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Sacked AVB 'in tears as he left Chelsea'

Andre Villas-Boas is understood to have left in tears after being sacked by Chelsea – despite getting a £10million pay-off.

The Portuguese was also said to be upset that the majority of the squad did not say goodbye or wish him luck.

One player however, did show his support. Brazil centre-half David Luiz wrote on Twitter: “Thanks AVB! U r amazing guy! Big hug.”

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Corepred43860d ago

To still be paid and if its true to still be in tears, that's passion. He wanted to be successful, too bad it didn't work out. Hell with Chelsea, they suck anyway. Don't worry AVB, they probably did you a favor more than anything.

goku323593860d ago

The fact that the majority of the squad did not even say anything when AVB left really paints an ugly picture for chelsea.

krazykombatant3860d ago

Thats shameful that the majority of the squad didn't show up. Absolutely disgusting.... I don't wish bad on anyone, but I hope that non of those "veterans" gain any more trophies in their careers. Thinking yourself bigger than the club and the coach is ridiculous.

Mozilla893860d ago

I'm a Chelsea fan, but I've been sick and tired of how the club change managers. First of I don't think Ancelotti should have been sacked but then to do it at the steps of Goodison Park? Wow.

I'll be rooting for AVB at his next club and I'm sure he'll come back stronger than before. I really hope there's a proper clear out this summer.

kulka3860d ago

I feel sorry for Villas a manager with so much potential was treated like a dog at Chelsea hope he gets a job somewhere and have the final laugh

asmith23063860d ago

I hope he does well elsewhere but I'm not shocked by this decision at all. AVB had the worst record of all of the previous managers. If Roman could sack Ancelotti after winning the FA Cup, Community Shield and the league in his first season, then he is capable of sacking anyone.

ngecenk3860d ago

apparently in chelsea, the player who decides who's in and out!

XboxInnovation3860d ago

Chelsea will never move forward unless they get rid of Mourinho's team. Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Mouluda, Essien etc..This team should have won the Champions league with Mourinho at the helm that year they lost to United in the final, and that should have been the start of a dynasty up until this point. They've been pretty much faceless ever since, time to start over.