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Jose Mourinho Will Make Chelsea Return If £100m Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Him at Stamford Bridge

JOSE MOURINHO will hold Roman Abramovich to ransom if he is asked to return as Chelsea’s saviour by insisting he remains the world’s best-paid manager on £12million a year and demanding to bring Cristiano Ronaldo with him...

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Sahil3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

but they both look so happy.. ;)


Been a while since a caughtoffside story was posted on this site, nice to see they haven't changed.

asmith23063722d ago

This story is about as true as me becoming the next Chelsea manager. I wouldn't mind though, I have played a lot of Football Manager.

buddymagoo3722d ago

You probably have better odds too!

ProjectVulcan3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I played as Chelsea in Football Manager too. I won back to back trebles, 2 European cups in 3 years. I was voted manager of the year each time and my players and the fans adored me.

However i turned up to work one day wearing odd socks. Abramovich gave me the sack instantly, good enough reason for him.

Super realistic this game.

Redempteur3721d ago

you're perfect for the job then !!

CptBach3722d ago

caughtoffside should be banned from this website

it's always BS that get readers..
their stories suck so much

freeduck3722d ago

Yup, there should be a rule that disallows caughtoffside and TheSun articles on this site.

zico3721d ago

rumors...but in fact; Chelsea was a much better team when Mourinhio was manager. If they haven`t got rid of him some years ago I think chelsea had CL title now and would be able to fight for PL titles every year.

Abramovich want him back. Is it rumors or true news? I don`t think Mourinhio want back to Chelsea. Why should he leave Real now?