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Highlights: Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan (Champions League - 06/03/12)

1-0 Laurent Koscielny 7′
2-0 Tomas Rosicky 26′
3-0 Robin van Persie 43′ (PG)

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goku323593867d ago

Wow, AC Milan played horrible tonight...they just barely sraped by

lugia 40003867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Almost there.

Im happy about Benfica though, hell yes.

Btw at 2:19 it looks like stewie from family guy.

buddymagoo3867d ago

I'm sorry about the lack of photo but every time I try to put one on it gives me an error page.

On the game,
Great game that sizzled out in the second half. I was really rooting for Arsenal to win and gutted they just missed out but take nothing away from them they did more than everyone expected.

sokrates3867d ago

Shit! I was supporting Arsenal. It just turned that way. They had an amazing 1th half, sorry they didnt pass the level.

krazykombatant3867d ago

I was watching this in a pub down at the city. Jesus... game was really exciting. Looks like i didn't miss anything after the half was over. Shame really.

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The story is too old to be commented.