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Chelsea FC: Five Reasons Why We Don't Need Jose Mourinho

BR - The hottest job in world club football is up for grabs yet again after Chelsea sacked their poorly performing manager Andre Villas-Boas, citing poor results as the reason.

The sacking was inevitable, as the 34-year-old Portuguese failed to live up to his expectations and only guided Chelsea to their worst season during the Abramovich era. Not only does Villas-Boas's mere 47.5 percent win rate suggest his failure, but also the dressing room unrest that has spilled over in recent months.

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krazykombatant3856d ago

Why come up to reasons, you "dont need him" if your not getting him anyways. Stop living in your fantasy world, Chelsea is going to go into rebuilding and it won't be succesful with the "class" of players in that team not even mentioning Roman.