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Highlights: Manchester United 2-3 Athletic Bilbao ( Uefa Europa League - 08/03/12)

1-0 Wayne Rooney 22′
1-1 Fernando Llorente Torres 44′
1-2 De Marcos 72
1-3 Muniain 90′
2-3 Wayne Rooney 90+2′ (PG)

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OldParr3862d ago

Soooo, I guess that teams from Spain are not sorry after all.

buddymagoo3862d ago

2nd goal was offside and their 3rd goal they shouldn't have been awarded a free kick for Evra losing a shoe. Still, we will dig in and hopefully get the result away.

HxCGamer3862d ago

what he means is that you, along with others, always brag about how the teams in spain are nothing aside from real madrid and barcelona.

Scenarios like this clearly show that teams like atletico bilbao are strong is just that barcelona and real madrid are the best teams in the world...

Ben Dover3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Buddymagoo stop trolling with constant excuses. Admit Bilbao was the better team as they created a lot of chances and Manchester is rather lucky with just a 2-3 score. Are you that bad to even refuse giving a compliment when it's clearly in place?

buddymagoo3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Bilbao drew 2-2 with Barca so I respect Bilbao but don't be fooled by the result.

We were missing Rio, Vidic, Nani, Scholes, Valencia, Wellbeck and Smalling was coming back from a serious head injury. I don't think Bilbao would have won that game if we had a full squad.

We all know how you lot like to take shots at any team that loses but you have to get over it, you don't bring anything productive to the debate and bring the tone of this great website down.


HxCGamer3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

not trying to take shots....
it happened. I am just saying recognize the fact that teams in la liga are good... which, ironically, you/your lot always take shots at.

And yea I am from spain but give credit where credit is due.

OldParr3862d ago

@buddymagoo just take a look on what's goin on. Valencia winning 4-2, Atletico de Madrid already on the next phase and Bilbao with this victory, speaks volume from the teams coming from spain. La liga is very competitive. They problem is that they are facing with two teams that I believe will be as good in others league, just my opinion.

buddymagoo3862d ago

To be fair I only praised the Premier League above La Liga. It doesn't mean I don't respect La Liga just that I think the Premier League is more entertaining.

With games like
Swansea 3-2 Arsenal
Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal
Chelsea 3-3 Manchester United
Manchester City 3-2 Tottenham
Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City
Manchester United 2-3 Blackburn
Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham
Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal
Chelsea 1-3 Aston Villa
Newcastle 3-0 Man Utd
Norwich 4-2 Newcastle

I will stand by my statement that the premier league is the most exciting and entertaining league to watch. I still respect La liga though.

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badz1493862d ago

a loose shoe? really now ref? don't let me start on the offside! the linesman should've seen it clearly yet not raising the flag! damn they really want Man U to lose!

HxCGamer3862d ago

the penalty was a close call... and that was in your favor.

Either way Bilbao deserved that win

badz1493862d ago

but after a replay, it clearly happened inside the box. the offside on the other hand...

HxCGamer3862d ago

yes... but still a close call

you do realize people see this with their eyes, this is why goal technology/replay is wanted so bad... these calls can go either way, you can't really blame too much on the referees, if anything blame fifa for not introducing technology that needs to be in the game.

and no matter who disagrees... Bilbao definitely deserved that win.

MaximusPrime3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Man U poor performance ever. and its a Europa League for goodness' sake!

buddymagoo3862d ago

Really!? A Chelsea fan, lol.

StoneAgeWarfare3862d ago

funny thing is i always see him on articles about
man und's losing matches

ProjectVulcan3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

The fact is United should absolutely not be conceding 3 goals in a home game- let alone a European tie. They have conceded far too many goals at home all season.

The defensive choices are questionable. Jones should have probably been centreback but was forced into midfield again. Almost certainly to try and rest Scholes/Carrick.

Constant casual defending at home. If this game was against Barcelona or Milan etc how much would you have bet Rafael would have followed straight through and smashed the ball safely behind into row 150 out of respect for those sides? I just don't think the management and some of the players are taking this competition very seriously.

ProjectVulcan3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Bilbao were excellent, intense, energetic, chased all game. United seemed asleep most of the time up to the 80th minute, especially defensively. Yet again i question their commitment to this competition, leaving on the bench Carrick, Ferdinand, Nani and Welbeck who have been usual starters. Scholes wasn't even in the squad. You have to say there is no way those players would be rested if this was the Champions League knockout.

I thought United were unfortunate in two of Bilbao's goals, the 2nd was offside for sure but it was a difficult call, and the third started with that bizarre freekick when Evra lost his boot- not to mention Rafael simply not clearing the ball away easily. The one bright spot was De Gea. Again superb.

But even so, credit has to go to Bilbao and United have got a steep task ahead. They MUST defend better. They really should field a choice side as well.

The smart money is now firmly backing the Spaniards, but write off United at your peril. They have been better away from home all season, even picking up more points in the league on the road!

It will take a class performance for United to turn this around but if any side can do it, it is them. Whatever happens it will be an intriguing game!

zeddy3862d ago

agreed. all the focus will be on united and how bad they were but bilbao were exellent.

MaximusPrime3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

@ buddymagoo (#2.1) nice attack. im not here to say which team is better. i saw the match and it was terrible especially de Gea.

GJ233862d ago

Are you sure you saw the game? De Gea was outstanding despite conceding 3 goals

Abdou233862d ago

I'm sorry, you saying that De Gea was terrible today ?!!!!!!!!

Abdou233862d ago

I already voted minus bubble for you + ignored.

zeddy3862d ago

we were bad but de gea was our best player tonight. open your eyes or stop trolling.

Abdou233862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Awful,Just Awful...Man UTD in desperate need for a new philosophy. That 4-4-2 isn't just doing it anymore,the pressure is always on us even from weaker teams because you just can't stop 3-4 midfield players with only 2 or even 3.Not to mention the inexperienced youngers who cost us a lot this season.Ever since Valencia was injured and we have been struggling.
I can't even imagine what would the score have been if it weren't for De Gea.I hope SAF don't travel to spain to maintain his defending strategy.I don't know what's the dea lwit hall the home losing this season especially from very weak teams.

zeddy3862d ago

ye 4-4-2 just doesnt work in europe but fergie has to play 2 strikers because we have too many centre forwards. dare i say fergie might be going a bit soft?
we shouldnt have played 4-4-2 against barca but fergie just couldnt leave chicharito on the bench because of the season he had. i think he will defo play 4-3-3 in the 2nd leg our we will be getting beat.

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