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Highlights: Manchester United 2-0 West Brom (English Premier League - 11/03/12)

1-0 35′ Wayne Rooney
2-0 71′ (PG) Wayne Rooney

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buddymagoo4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Top of the league!


ProjectVulcan4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

United have not played at their very best even for this side but after the Spurs game i had been banging on and on that if United were still in touch after that City should be very worried.

With that run of tough games i am sure City couldn't quite believe there was only a 2 point gap. United really showed major grit and rallied after the bad Newcastle defeat by getting quality results against Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs. That was 10 points from 12....

Now the last 10 games for United are shaping up very well- especially in the run up to the big showdown derby. All the top 7 have been played. They have dealt with the loss of Vidic in the big games.

City have got a nasty run in to that game- Chelsea at home, Stoke away, Sunderland, Arsenal away, Norwich away. Tricky games- City need to galvanise and grind out the wins like United have done. That is what champions do when the pressure is cranked. United have done everything champions do, so far with my highlight being the massive rescue of the one point at Stamford Bridge. If United win the title only by a point then it will probably be that point in my mind.

If City can grind wins and keep the gap down to 2 or 3 points before the derby they can still win the title and they will be worthy.

If they fail and United have managed to extend the gap beyond 3 points before the derby then they will go into the game relaxed and happy that no matter what, it is still in their hands.

After today, teams will smell City are vulnerable away from home while United seem to be getting stronger on the run in, just as they so often do.

The balance swung heavily on this day and not just obviously with the table, but psychologically IMO.

NewMonday4214d ago


might as well change your avatar to 20

its still an impressive year for City, their next big signing should be Mourinho, he is the only on that can take on MU.

badz1494214d ago

against the team that've sent AVB out of job just last week!

West Brom never looked threatening aside from an occasion or 2 and thanks to the stunning De Gea, United's back net is getting harder to be touched by the ball!

THIS is the formation that SAF should use from now on! put Hernandez in front rather than Wellbeck! the later clearly thinks that he can dribble while Hernandez eyes are always set on goal only and is always set for a fast football! it's just unlucky that he didn't get 1 to his name in this game but he's improving big time! he looks more confident with the ball now when he's at the far side and he sure passes the ball really good and that cross...OMG how the hell did Young missed THAT?!

jak3y13oy4214d ago

Great Results for Man Utd (Swansea 1-0 Man Shitty)
The Manchester Derby will be the title decider for sure!
We are back where we belong!
Come on you reds! :D

mcstorm4214d ago

Im not sure its going to get that far i see both chelsea and arsenal getting points off city they were all over the place today and the team was bickering with each other too.

Also why is it people are saying this this the worst united team under SAF? We are top of the league and we have had one of the worst seasons in terms of injured players this season as well as alot of young players in the squad and new ones too. The keeper has been hit hard by everyone this year and yes he has made mistakes but he was new to the league and very young for a keeper yet over the last few weeks he has kept us in games and is proving he is going to be a world class keeper.

SAF is building a new team and if you cant see that your not a true red. If we win only the league this year i will be happy with that as i know you cant win things every year and we have been kept going by our young players this season and winning the league will only help the young lads become better players and keep united at the top for years to come.

In SAF we trust United we stand.

buddymagoo4214d ago

We have seen what happens to City when they lose their Captain. Now imagine if they would have lost him for the entire season, I bet they wouldn't be in our position.

ProjectVulcan4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Well we will see how strong Mancini has managed to reinforce his team mentally.

I don't think they will collapse, but unless they instantly get back to winning against Chelsea (i think that is a must win for City) and United quickly pull out a 3 or 4 point lead their challenge could falter and be all but over by the time they have to play United. Every game will be a pressure game and a must win, even the away game to Arsenal who have finally woke up and will push hard to catch Spurs.

Dropping points at home would be another major blow given their spotless home record. Chelsea can do Manchester United an epic favour even just by holding them to a draw at home and showing teams they are not quite invincible.

They must keep it alive and keep close before April 30th. Otherwise even another 6-1 at home will not prevent Manchester United steamrollering teams to their 20th title.

mcstorm4214d ago

The main difference between United and city is if United are getting beat or drawing a game late on they never give up. We were 3-0 down against Chelsea and it was 1-1 against Norwich yet we managed to get points out of both of them games. Where if city have not been winning by halftime they have dropped points. Yes City have score more goals than united but that is because they have been winning there games by 3 goals or more but if they are not winning by half time they tend to drop points.


How many chances do Welbeck and Hernandez need? great results today nonetheless.

Anderson84214d ago

every1 has off days.. they are both normally clinical

buddymagoo4214d ago

Welbeck played really well today in that free role. Linked up play, played many ones twos to open up the defence and took players on. Hernandez was a little quite but kept the centre backs and full backs busy allowing space for Rooney. Team played well today!

RedDevils4213d ago

Welbeck and Chicha played very well, except the goal is missing, but happy with their performance

rafay4214d ago

Thank God City are off the top!
But United don't look very convincing...
One of the worst United teams ever still getting the better of the best City team ever! LOL!

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