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Highlights: Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle United (English Premier League - 12/03/12)

0-1 Hatem Ben Arfa 14′
1-1 Robin van Persie 15′
2-1 Thomas Vermaelen 90+4′

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Nightfallen3718d ago

WOOOOOOO!!!! Arsenal deserved a win no doubt about it. 1 point behind Spurs!!

GanjaMan3718d ago

Better watch your back spuds were only 1 point behind u!!

asmith23063718d ago

Great win for Arsenal. Its good to see RVP getting heated at the end with Krul, shows he still has the passion for the club and thats what I like to see in a captain. Where are all the Arsenal 'supporters' calling for Wengers head now?

buddymagoo3717d ago

Where are all the doubters now? It shows you can never underestimate a wounded beast.

Next year the EPL will be amazing! Man utd players will be back from injury and the new signings will have bedded in. City will be spending again after losing the title. Arsenal will be back to fight and challenging! Chelsea will spend a bucket load and we will see at least 1 manager get the sack. Tottenham will be right up there. It is going to be incredible!

krazykombatant3717d ago

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.. Do you think that other teams from other leagues are going to sit on top of their money and do nothing...?

I like your optimism about Man U keeping the lead and winning the league. But there is still a bit of the season to go, and one more manchester derby. One point (hell even 4 if you count winning this weekend, Man city don't play this weekend). Do you think 1/4 points will be enough going into the derby?

I'm not saying yes or no.. Just bringing up fair points to think about.

buddymagoo3717d ago

I just think Arsenal can get the result at the emirates against City. Chelsea could maybe hold them to a draw at the Etihad. Then we don't even need to win that game against City a draw will do.

I think the title is ours to lose now.

krazykombatant3717d ago

Arsenal will probably get a tie and best and I can believe you seriously think that chelsea in its current state can hold their own at City.... Let alone get a draw.

The title is not yours to lose. The title is still up for grabs. Whoever, wins the manchester derby, will win the title or I should say should win the title. If you can hold the lead and beat them in the derby then yes the title will be yours. But up till then 1 point isn't sufficient to call it yours to lose.

I consider that RM 10 point lead.... its ours to lose and nothing else. Its outside of barca's control. No matter if they beat us in the classico at home. We will still have a 7 point lead.

buddymagoo3717d ago

It's ours to lose. We know what it takes to win titles, this has been proven over the past 20 years.

Chelsea could grind out a result and no one will expect them to win so they will go into the game as underdogs but they will want to show they can still do it and I hope they will.

Man City away form at the moment is horrendous and they have a tough trip to the Britannia Norwich and Newcastle.

In recent years league games at the Etihad have been boring 0-0 or 0-1 games so I can see it being a draw. If a mistake is made by us we lose it, simple.

As for Madrid, Madrid haven't won the league this year, Barca lost it by losing silly games. Barca still dominated in the Classico.

Sp3Ci4LK4Y3717d ago

Arsenal are so wierd, start of the season they were shit now they are looking very strong, and i would put £100 on Arsenal to win City when they play cus Arsenal are on crazy form.