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Highlights: Bayern Munich 7-0 Basel (7-1 agg) (UEFA Champions League - 13/03/12)

10' (1-0)Arjen Robben
41'(2-0)Thomas Müller
44'(3-0)Mario Gomez
50'(4-0)Mario Gomez
61' (5-0)Mario Gomez
67' (6-0)Mario Gomez
81' (7-0)Arjen Robben

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zeddy3984d ago

robben, ribery and gomez are world class. dont know about their defence though but they'll give madrid or barca a tough time for sure.

HxCGamer3983d ago

i agree
bayern is as offensive as a team can gate
both barca and my team have to be careful!

HxCGamer3983d ago

get* haha i was drunk when i wrote this
I am surprised that was the only mistake i made

Nes_Daze3983d ago

Wow, I was really hoping Basel would surprise again, don't really like Bayern but they're one hell of a team.