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Highlights: Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-5 Manchester United (English Premier League - 18/03/12)

0-1 Jonny Evans 21′
0-2 Antonio Valencia 43′
0-3 Danny Welbeck 45+1′
0-4 Chicharito 56′
0-5 Chicharito 61′

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buddymagoo3909d ago

Team played fantastic today. I hope we start to see a lot more of Pogba and how much do we miss Valencia!


Valencia is my favourite Man Utd player and just seeing him come back from inury and continuing that awesome form he's been on makes me more confident that we'll bag this title.

zeddy3909d ago

2 assists and a goal for valencia, he's a pretty big player for us now. and thats 25 points out of 27 in the league, great form.

asmith23063909d ago

They played 'ok', like Ferguson said in the post match interview. Wolves down to 10 men and have an assistant manager as a manager, nuff said. Utd were dire against Bilbao, don't forget that at this crucial stage. If Chelsea beat City this week then its definitely Utds to lose. Its going to be close!

buddymagoo3908d ago

We may have the odd bad result but being champions you don't concentrate on them, you move forward and look to the next game with the United never die attitude!

GanjaMan3908d ago

I swear every commentator and pundit suck on rooneys dick cause how the fuck did he deserve MOTM!? He didn't even score and only made 1 asist on the other hand valances scored and made 2!! Seriously they need to stop sucking shreks dick just cause he's Rooney and english.

buddymagoo3908d ago

If you had watched the match you would have understood how hard he worked in this game and he deserved it.

zeddy3908d ago

true rooney didnt deserve motm but he speaks english unlike valencia and they have to award it to someone after a tv interview. thats my theory anyway.

Kos-Mos3908d ago

ganjaman is on a trip today, don`t listen to him he`s just being paranoid.

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KingPin3909d ago

when we lose, the trolls are out in full force before the story hits the main page. we win, they stay hidden in their holes. i wont name names, they know who they are.

Team played well today. where the hell was this performance last thursday? still, congrats. hopefully now chelsea can slow Man City down. i dont see the big deal about pogba though certainly no scholes replacement thats for sure. Speaking of scholes, guy still got it. hardly evr caught in possession and rarely made a miss pass. pure class.

ProjectVulcan3909d ago

Pogba only turned 19 a few days ago. Give him time. He is a big lanky thing. Much like De Gea he needs to fill out somewhat too, i see him as someone who can be like a Vieira for United, less like a Scholes.

Which is okay, because there will never be another Scholes. I recall Ferguson saying the same thing and Scholes himself. You don't replace Giggs and Scholes with identical guys, you replace them with lads that bring their own individual flair and style.

If Pogba can be the Vieira for United, then maybe Cleverley can be the creativity of the future. Cleverley can fill a role similar to Scholes.

Goodness knows United had much success playing with a holding midfielder. Roy Keane no less.

Sp3Ci4LK4Y3908d ago

well lets be honest here Wolves arnt exactly a great opposing team even with ten men. I know its tight down their but i can see them getting relegated this season.

As for Man Utd, valencia just made mince meat of Wolves, it was too easy for him, he defo deserved man of the match. I think the only club movement Utd are going to be making is up, until the Manchester derby.

Infernostew3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

5-0 Even Evans scored! 5-0 Even Evans scored! 5-0 Even Evans scored! 5-0 Even Evans scoreddddddddddddd! *To "Go West" by The Pet Shop Boys*