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Highlights: Chelsea 5-2 Leicester City (FA Cup 18/03/12)

1-0 12′ Gary Cahill
2-0 18′ Salomon Kalou
3-0 67′ Fernando Torres
3-1 78′ Jermaine Beckford
4-1 85′ Fernando Torres
4-2 89′ Ben Marshall
5-2 90+1′ Raúl Meireles

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MaximusPrime3846d ago

Great match. Very happy for Torres, not just for goals but also for being Man of the Match. Well done

goku323593846d ago

I had a feeling Torres would score since he was playing exceptionally well today!

ProjectVulcan3846d ago

I hope he can do the same Wednesday too....

goku323593846d ago

yeah, it would benefit both Chelsea and Man U lol

buddymagoo3845d ago

I can't say how much I hope they get a result on Wednesday.

doncorleone3846d ago

The mayas said that the end of the world in 2012 would start with an improbalbe event....

Torres scoring O_0???Thats enought improbable for me!

Corepred43846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I really do hate having to watch clip by clip. Don't they have all these on one video somewhere?

On topic: I love the way Torres still, after this drought and criticism, has enormous support from the fans. You can definitely tell everybody in that stadium is rooting for him to get back to form. Good work, Torres!

buddymagoo3846d ago

"I really do hate having to watch clip by clip. Don't they have all these on one video somewhere?"

I do too! People complain when I do it the other way as well though. I just put up what ever is available at the time anyway.

Corepred43846d ago

People complain about having to watch the highlights in one video?!? lol Don't listen to those tards! haha

Mozilla893846d ago

People complain when you put them all in one clip? That's strange, I'm with Corepred4 on this one.

When a game has a bunch of goals it kind of becomes ridiculous scrolling through that many videos.

freeduck3846d ago

I have to say that most people prefer all the clips combined into one video. Especially when videos have ads no one likes to watch the ads multiple times

buddymagoo3846d ago

I can only speak for myself but that is the feedback I have received.

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silvacrest3846d ago

excellent match, torres looked dangerous throughout, my only complaint is with sturridge, he was selfish something like 80% of the time

freeduck3846d ago

Sturridge is like that every game. Whenever he gets the ball he just tries to score. I guess he has a lot of confidence in himself

silvacrest3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

im glad he wants to score but hes not always in the best position to score, im sure he realizes that but goes for the goal anyway, it really annoys me sometimes

i find my self shouting "just pass the fuking ball" way more often when sturridge plays

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