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Manchester City vs. Chelsea: 5 Things to Watch for

BR - On Wednesday, Manchester City and Chelsea will square off in a match determining both clubs' fate for the rest of the season.

Manchester City looks to keep pace at the top of the table with Manchester United while Chelsea hopes to continue their stellar form and earn a spot in the top four.

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FlashXIII3845d ago

I'd be watching for the oscar battle between Drogba and Balotelli. Who can put in the most riveting "ref I've just been shot by air" performance?

silvacrest3845d ago

suarez took that trophy long ago

FlashXIII3845d ago

Clearly you didn't see Chelsea play Napoli last week.

silvacrest3845d ago

i saw it and yeah, drogba blatantly dived however suarez has been doing it since he joined the EPL

i dont no what league he came from originally but im guessing his antics didnt start in england...

FlashXIII3845d ago

So has Drogba though. It wasn't until recently that he has cleared up his diving act then an Italian takes charge and back to his old ways go figure.

Suarez takes a dive sometimes but Drogba is by far worse. You could call it smart tbh but everytime someone goes in to challenge him in the air he goes down like a sack of shit.

Also Drogba came from the French league Suarez the Dutch league.

mcstorm3845d ago

Should be an interesting game. Chelsea are on a high at the moment after having 4 big wins under there new manager and City have seemed to of hit a bad patch in there season which I said they would as every team has them. Both Teams need the 3 points here though as I think if city stay 4 point behind United I don't see them making the points up with the games they have left and Chelsea want to finish at lest 4th and I think if they drop any more points they will not get it.

Should have the making of a good game.

ProjectVulcan3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

It is a must win for City i think, and for Chelsea, it is a must not lose. Only because Chelsea still have to play Arsenal, who just cannot perform under any pressure it seems. That will be their key game.

Chelsea's run in if anything is even more difficult than City's. A win here would give them such an enormous boost. Even a draw and a good performance would help them along and they would see it as a positive, because of City's home record.

City IMO though MUST win. Anything less and they will probably see it as a negative- their flawless home record dented, United at least 3 points clear with an easier run in. They might feel it is slipping away and try too hard.

Unless City can keep the gap down to 3 points or less, the derby may end up irrelevant as far as the outcome of the title is concerned.

freeduck3845d ago

Should be a very interesting game indeed. Too bad I will be watching Liverpool play at the same time.

Rumour has it that Tevez will play as he has an excellent record against Chelsea