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Samba speaks out after Russian fans throw a banana at him

MirrorFootball - Christopher Samba spoke out after being the latest player to be the victim of racial abuse in the Russian Premier League.

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Ranma13711d ago

everybody. look, this is an example of a person who acts tough and racist on the internet, but would never say the same in front of a black man in real life

Corepred43711d ago

Lol... banana. Is racist? Is tough? XD

b163o13711d ago

In this context, I would say that is Racist. Gotta tighten up buddy

silvacrest3712d ago

i dont no why anyone of colour even plays in that backwards country, money is nice but is it really worth your pride?

buddymagoo3712d ago

for the kind of money they earn you could throw bags of bananas at ME!

silvacrest3712d ago

yeah but their already rich footballers.....

personally, i would just bare with it though

FatGayandbald3711d ago

Be funny if he just gave a thumbs up and started eating it.

Ranma13711d ago

Am black, and i laughed at that, even though i think your an ignorant racist

Corepred43711d ago

Lol this dude just can't get enough of using his race card! lmao its like he just found out about it or something! lmao

FatGayandbald3711d ago

What racist ??? Was nothing racist about it, sounds like your ignorant n accuse everybody of being racist or just stupid.

dcortz20273711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I would pick up the banana, eat it, and then rub my stomach, and wave and say hi to the person that threw it and make him/her mad.