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Fabrice Muamba was 'dead' for 78 minutes - Bolton doctor

Fabrice Muamba was "in effect dead" for 78 minutes following his on-field collapse, the Bolton Wanderers club doctor Jonathan Tobin has revealed.Doctors say it is too early to predict whether he will play football again.

But Dr Tobin said he is amazed by the 23-year-old's recovery so far.

In an emotional interview, Dr Tobin said: "It was 48 minutes when he collapsed to reaching hospital and a further 30 minutes after that. He was, in effect, dead at that time."

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b163o13716d ago

Very frightening to hear. @lease he still has his motor skills. Still praying for you

buddymagoo3715d ago

This makes me think could other people have been saved in similar circumstances? I say this because you don't tend to hear people working on someone to bring them back to life for an hour let alone 80mins.

Corepred43715d ago

He couldn't have been dead for that long. Maybe clinging but not dead. Can't the brain only survive like 10-15 minutes without oxygen or something like that. Applaud the paramedics and team doctors for the work they did on the man!

FatGayandbald3715d ago

The brain can only survive for 3-4mins without oxygen and then permanant brain damage sets in but he wouldn`t of been without oxygen,you will see them putting mask over his face n squeezing it to pump air into his body,once at hospital he would be put on a machine that does it for him.