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Highlights: Villareal 1-1 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division- 21/03/2012)

0-1 Cristiano Ronaldo 62′
1-1 Marcos Senna 83′

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buddymagoo3841d ago

Are Madrid choking? I still think they will win La Liga.

Corepred43841d ago

Seems like it! They're playing like crap. Then Ramos and Ozil got the boot, that ref needed a kick in the nuts! Geez, no more comfortable games, we have to win out from here on out. See I don't get all bent out of shape when a fan of another team comments on my team. =)

buddymagoo3841d ago

"See I don't get all bent out of shape when a fan of another team comments on my team"

Lol, I only get bent of of shape when a fan of another team trolls my team. I said Madrid will win the league which I believe is a positive statement, no?

Nes_Daze3841d ago

There ya go, I knew they were having a bad run, not to mention the refs totally screwed Real betis out of a possible 3 or 2 points against Madrid. Then Malaga, now this. They still have a good lead on Barca, if they screw up again and choke up in el classico it can get close. I have to admit I'm a bit pessimistic about Barca winning the league either way, not to mention el classico, because they have also been playing like crap, at least compared to their standards.

doncorleone3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

what a poor referee... I think he gave a villareal player 2 yellow cards and didn't even send him off, he forgot a penalty for villareal, the foul that lead to the freekick wasn't a foul but a good tackle... and then ozil getting a straight red for complaining rightly so...

--Onilink--3840d ago

well no one really knows what ozil said, maybe he insulted the referee

badz1493840d ago

he would've been speaking in his own language! this ref is a whack job!

HxCGamer3840d ago

that was bull !
yes he got two yellow cards and no red!
how is that possible!

and he told karanka to leave right away followed by mourhino not to mention ozil... idk what higuain said but straight red card! and that free kick was a perfect foul!!!

ughh!! im actually proud that ronaldo just chilled out and was like wow this sucks... but didn't act up on it though.

krazykombatant3841d ago

Nice to see RM chocking.. Ffs now is not the time.

Dakidog3840d ago

This looks like a carbon copy of the last game, free kick beats Casillas to the left late in the game, hope Los Blancos can pull it off in the El Classico.

Corepred43840d ago

Casillas need to start trusting his wall more. This game and last game are because he kept creeping towards behind the wall. And both times they were put on his left where he SHOULD have been.