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15 Hottest Teenage Talents in World Football

BR - The thing about potential is that it never disappoints: Potential allows for an imagined future full of glory. More often than not, potential is slathered in hype. The problem is that hype has a magnetic effect on expectations, whether it covers real talent or not.

Then again, history is littered with young players who did not live up to the hype, not because they didn't have the talent, but because they couldn't make the transition from teenage wunderkind to full-blown star.

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FatGayandbald3851d ago

They need consistency , i remember rooney on his debut for man u and he was amazing total destruction he inflicted but like alot of players he got more interested in fame n money n granny sex instead of concentrating on his game,skill,moves. Players now turn up for training kick a ball about n think there done,they should be training at home coming up with moves n new team play tactics.

So many lose interest n just love fame,drugs,sex,drink. Your suppose to be a F1 machine.

Yi-Long3850d ago

... as I've been saying for over a year now. Amazing at Feyenoord, wasted at Arsenal on the bench, and now luckily getting his minutes at Bolton. Brilliant little player.

Some nice young talent in the Eredivisie right now.
Ola John from Twente FC is a big talent, and doing very well in only his first season.

AZ Alkmaar has the 18 year old Maher. Creative attacking midfielder. Very promising.

Feyenoord have John Guidetti on hire from Man City. Great passion, works hard, and easily finds the net. Great striker.

When PSV lost their left-back Pieters and later Tamata to long-term injuries, they had to bring in a 17 year old kid, Jetro Willems, to fill that position. Obviously still learning, but he has shown great promise and definitely a future left-back for the dutch national team.

Finally, Heerenveen has a young guy playing as a centre-back, Gouweleeuw, and he's been absolutely terrific both defensively, as well as distributing the ball and going up front to join the attack. Pundits are already saying he should skip the top teams in Holland and should move on straight to Barcelona or another BIG team, cause they feel he's THAT good!!!

Other young talent to look out for: Depay (PSV), Djuricic (Heerenveen), Vejinivic (Heracles Almelo), Clasie (Feyenoord), Sigthorsson (Ajax), Luuk de Jong and Leroy Fer, both from FC Twente.

buddymagoo3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )


Rooney is a world class footballer and you are showing yourself up if you don't know that. If you notice Rooney doesn't covet fame, fame covets him. You're Clueless!

FatGayandbald3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

I didn't say he wasn't world class,im stating what has happened to him n others when they become famous , maybe if you take your fan boy goggles off for a second n learn to read you troll. Im a man u fan and your a perfect example of whats wrong with man u and give us all a bad name . Take criticism ,learn, admit problems instead of acting like rooney is your bf and maybe us real man u fans will not get as much hate. Dunst bk in your cave!

EDIT i can assure you he isn't world class anymore,if you think he is then your expectations are low,he is average now or do you really put up there with messi lol. He can get it bk because he is world class but it means no crying over more n more money,stop caring about what he looks like with stupid hair transplant ,stop smoking, stop being obsessed with sex prostitutes n grannys and revolve his life round football,make it all he thinks about. You dont become world class by winging it. oh lol "rooney doesn't covet fame" haha noob where u been last few years

buddymagoo3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

I think people like you that like to attack and call other people, do it to detract away from your own inadequacies. Get a life!

You dragged a decent subject like young talent into the muck. You say you are a United fan yet you call us Man U a term established by opposing fans in a chant degrading Man Utd and Duncan Edwards. Then you slag off Rooney, lol.

Also, I have been a season ticket holder for 3 years in the past (cannot afford any more) and own nearly every shirt for the past 20 years. Watched nearly every game for the past 20 years including late night pre season Asia tours. Am subscribed to Mutv and live in Manchester.

Call yourself a fan, you should be ashamed.

Twiky3850d ago

Don't tell anyone but Rodrigo is going to be great soon and I'm counting on Nelson Oliveira to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo (both from Benfica). Glad to see they're not here yet so they stay one year more ;)