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Rooney broke my wrist, claims young Manchester United fan

A nine-year-old Red Devils supporter says he sustained the injury when a shot from the England international went into the crowd during the warm up against Wolves...

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krazykombatant3839d ago

Well as much as an accident this is, the fact remains of why is he shooting the ball soo damn hard in the warm up?

krazykombatant3839d ago

Well i'm just saying i understand its a 9 year old, and obviously the title is total b.s. But seriously no need to shoot it that hard for a warm up. no need to get all crazy about it.

buddymagoo3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

It annoys me how little football knowledge some people have on this site.

Footballers train at 100% match pace. All teams do this, look it up!

krazykombatant3838d ago

really were going to start bashing on "football" knowledge, its just my damn opinion stop being such an over protective prick about Man u. Jesus, I stated that it was an accident and that maybe he should be shooting the ball so damn hard, specially if hes going end up missing the shot. ffs, its amazing how stupid some people are about comments on this site.

buddymagoo3838d ago

I just think it was stupid of you to make that statement but I think I understand why you did.