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Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer & the equivalents of Lionel Messi in other sports

The current era undoubtedly belongs to the diminutive forward, so has decided to take a look at other men who dominated their respective disciplines in a similar fashion...

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FatGayandbald3851d ago

Usain bolt has alot longer to go to be considered a great ,reports of him being lazy n not bothered about his running anymore is not a good sign.

Roger federer is not great imo,he was just around at the right time to win everything because he had no competition . Now look at him,still in his 20's in his prime and can't win anything for a long time. Its rare he even gets to a major final now.

Baka-akaB3849d ago

Except you aint making any sense .

Federer had a constant rivalry going on with Nadal for years , and had constant run ins with Hewitt . Plenty guys have been beating him multiple times during his career between Nalbandian , Murray , Hewitt , Nadal or Djokovic .
He even went againstSampras (albeit on the downside and last part of his career) but most of all an Agassi at his top .

How you pretend he had no challenge and competition is rather astonishing and revisionism at its best .

FatGayandbald3849d ago

Im making perfect sense its you who isn't making sense, youe admitting that nadal n Djokovic beat him plenty of times lol, as for hewitt he was just the best around at the time but not the best. You seem to be confusing the best guy around at that time, means he is 1 of the best of all time. If nadal Djokovic murray was around alot sooner n replaced tim henman n hewitt lol then federer would never of won what he did hence why he can't beat them now or won anything yet federer is still in his prime so no excuse or consistency when it matters.

Fanboy goggles and you will see better.

Baka-akaB3849d ago

except i'm making sense actually . You're the one claiming he made it to the top with no competition around , yet plenty of his fellow tennis players have beaten him multiple times .

I repeat slowly ... so he got lucky with no one around yet get beaten than often through his career ? Oh yeah that's logical .

And try coming up with better argument , i'm not even a Federer fan , nor said anything about him being the best of all time . You're just clearly a fool if you think someone with his palmares and track record aint great .