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Rio: City fans are glory hunters

Ferdinand, 33, said: "Walking around in town, you see more and more blue shirts than you probably ever would have seen over the last 10 years.

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buddymagoo3714d ago

It's true! You used to hardly ever see anyone wearing a city shirt.

freeduck3714d ago

I thought most fans in Manchester were originally City fans?

buddymagoo3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

The Manchester evening news did a survey not so long ago and it came back like 70% red 30% blue.

If you lived in Manchester and didn't support Manchester United you would be missing out on some of the best times in football history.

Not only that the Munich tragedy meant people from all round the country and Manchester began to follow Manchester united and support them.

That statement you just made would be like someone saying I thought all fans from Liverpool were Everton fans. It just doesn't make sense.-

guigsy3713d ago

Same thing happened when Chelsea were bought, suddenly everyone was a Chelsea fan.

RGB3713d ago

Maybe due to the fact that Man United have won 12/18 titles and people want to see competition. Want to see a different winner? This probably has 9/10th to do with it.

RufustheKing3713d ago

I remember a few years back only 1000 Man city fans turned up for a FA match but nowadays their stadium is sold out in few seconds. those 1000 fans that did turn up for man city are true fans and should be proud of themselves. the other lot of "they paid 200 million on players they must be good" crowd can play with traffic.

buddymagoo3713d ago

The Etihad always has empty seats! They never sell out, they have a lot more fans than they used to but yeah, that's why people call it the emptyhead.

Shadow Flare3713d ago

That's rich coming from rio. Most man united fans only support united because they win the most. I live in london and most (actually ALL) people I know here who support united have absolutely no connections with Manchester whatsoever. And there are a lot of man u fans here. They support them not because they're from Manchester, they support them because they win the most. That's it. Glory hunters. End of. Man city is getting it's glory hunters now because of how rich they are and how well they're now doing but man utd has the most glory hunters of all. A fan of a club like everton is 10x the fan that any of the man u plastic fans I know are

FatGayandbald3712d ago

What aload of crap ,where is your source what surveys have you done .....yeh thought so bk on your bike to stupidville .mind your own business creep stalking me.