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In Pictures: Real Madrid announces plans to construct $1 billion island resort

Real Madrid has announced ambitious plans to construct a spectacular $1 billion island resort in the United Arab Emirates.

Strategically located within four hours of around two billion of the world's population, the resort is an hour's drive away from one of the busiest sections of the planet, with 50 million people traveling through the area each year.

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johnsonbat3846d ago

Why would anyone go to a football match to look at the ocean. This seems ludicrous, football is the peoples game and this resort is not for the people.

FlashXIII3846d ago

How on Earth do they plan on financing it? Last time I checked they were in quite a bit of debt.

Infernostew3846d ago

I hope this happens so they can go bankrupt. Seems like an investment that will pile the club in debt.