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In-Depth: Why Are Liverpool Struggling?

With Liverpool’s season proving to be an archetypal rollercoaster ride – ups, downs, adrenaline and nausea – I will now try and make sense of some of the key issues.

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zeddy3705d ago

they need lucas back and 2 half decent wingers. at the moment theres not enough supply to suarez or carrol, suarez in particular has to try and win games on his own at times.

ProjectVulcan3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

They are struggling because they have spent 130 odd million pounds on a host of average players instead of a handful of world class players that can push them to the next level. You have to bring in players better than what you already have and i don't feel Liverpool have really done that.

City spent 20 million on bringing in proven class like Nasri, and 35 or so on a proven world class striker like Aguero.

Liverpool spend 20 million on Downing and 35 million on an unproven striker who can't even get into the England team!

Kenny got 50 million for Torres, which was a fantastic deal for Liverpool. Then he rushed into blowing it all too quickly instead of waiting a little longer. Its just another mistake that will cost Liverpool years more and a fortune to fix.