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FC Barcelona: Is Lionel Messi Really the Greatest Player Ever?

BR - Since the Argentine scored 5 goals against Bayer Leverkeusen in the Champions League, the Messi question has arisen in many newspapers.

The Argentine certainly makes a strong case for himself, with a pinpoint through pass, mesmeric dribbling skills, and robotic efficiency in his finishing. Best ever or not, there is absolutely no question as to his place as one of the greatest of all time.

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asmith23063842d ago

For me hes the best ever, World Cup win or not. Plenty of average players have World Cup medals so the argument that he HAS to win a World Cup is stupid. He's Barcelonas all time top goal scorer... and hes only 24.

KingPin3842d ago

he is a great player. but saying best ever is debatable. yes he is Barcas all time scorer at the age of 24, but he ONLY shines when he plays for barca. nowhere else. that just shows that players like xavi and iniesta <mind my spelling> make him look good. when you take away those players, you dont see messi on the pitch.

you cant say the same for pele or maradona on the other hand. they we good individually as well as with a team. for me CR7 has the potential to join that group. he showed it doesnt matter who the team mates are, he still plays on the same level. keep in mind he scored just as many goals as messi except his total is split over 3 clubs. <Sporting lisbon, Man United and real madrid> so it doesnt show as a record on any books.

but this whole debate of best ever title is rubbish if you ask me. yes, messi and CR7 will both be remembered on the same level as pele and maradona.