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Manchester United Transfers: Why Sir Alex Can Trump City, Arsenal and Chelsea

BR - While I respect MUST's motives in their wish for the fans to own Manchester United, I am completely fed up with all the anti-Glazer propaganda that I keep hearing and reading from people in general in comments on Bleacher and articles and posts elsewhere.

In the last week alone, I have lost count of the number of posters on Bleacher who repeat the mantra "United have nothing to spend." And I am astonished at the utter ignorance about the true capability of City and Chelsea to trump them, including the consequences of the Financial Fair Play Rules.

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ProjectVulcan3843d ago

Its simple. Financial Fair Play is all about how much you make versus how much you can spend. City's total revenue is just half of Manchester United's, and Chelsea's is significantly less too.

City and Chelsea's owners are rich but the clubs themselves will not be able to afford to spend. Manchester United's owners are not nearly as rich, but the club generates so much more money. That is really the stat that will matter in the coming years as FFP comes into effect.