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Highlights: Benfica 0-1 Chelsea (UEFA Champions League - 27/03/12)

0-1 Salomon Kalou 75′

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lugia 40003963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I am just going to say this:

Benfica did not deserve to lose, and probably not to tie.

As a Benfica fan I have a feeling of anger to win but sincerely Benfica will not win away.

GanjaMan3963d ago

Chelsea did deserve the goal though n plus u never know u might beat them away n if u do go through then u get barca or milan lmao

lugia 40003963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

This is the reason though portuguese teams get no attention on this damn website.

Benfica v Zenit had no attention at all. I had to put the highlights and that was 1 day after. Nobody in hell knows that benfica, sporting, FC Porto, SP Braga are worthy to show up in here.

Unless of course, if theyre playing against a major english team, they show up here.

This is my favourite sports website, but the only thing I see here are Premier and Primera league, the others are abandoned.

freeduck3963d ago

I try to put up all highlight videos, but I am only limited a certain number of submissions per day so I put the most important things first. I am trying to get more highlights on this site besides ManUtd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Madrid and Barca.
The reason why the Portuguese league matches are never shown on this site is b/c very few highlight soccer sites support them.
But I agree all Champions League matches should be shown here

ProjectVulcan3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I want a Chelsea v Barcelona Semi final. No offence Benfica. Not just because i think Benfica would be cannon fodder for Barcelona but Chelsea have proven to be incredibly awkward opponents for Barcelona the last few times they have met. Chelsea would be super up for it.

Chelsea have had such immense misfortune against Barcelona in europe, victims of play acting and terrible reffing.

I am not even a Chelsea fan and i feel they have to get the luck against the Catalans this time and would like to see nothing better than the injustice of 2009 paid back in full.

I remember watching the second leg of Hiddink's masterplan and how Chelsea didn't waltze into the final creating far better chances and deserving multiple penalties is beyond me.

I am still incredulous about that game, and Chelsea deserve another shot at them.

Bosna13962d ago

should have been a penalty against Terry for playing with his hand..

doncorleone3963d ago

The best team, the one that deserved it the most, lost today...

HxCGamer3963d ago

torres assist!
hopefully he stops getting so much hate as of these last games

buddymagoo3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

He's a great player and would love to see him in top form again. That is, just not against us!

Benfica where the better team on the night but Chelsea took their chances. I can only see Chelsea going through now.

HxCGamer3962d ago

oh i agree, benfica controlled the game, they just couldn't put it away!

cech did an amazing job too, though.

silvacrest3963d ago

i watched the game and thought the commentators were overly biased towards chelsea and im a chelsea fan

benfica should have won if not at least scored but hey, our defence was really good tonight

no one here mentioned it but were weren't playing at full strength because of our up coming games so i fully expect us to come stronger at home

Nes_Daze3963d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing Chelsea get crushed after they're done with Benifica, that's if they make it through them.

silvacrest3963d ago

thats so sad, you should just be happy that there is one english team still in there

and we will beat benfica at home

lugia 40003963d ago

As much fanboy as I am for Benfica, yep, youre right. But id laugh if Benfica scored, they deserved it today, and maybe they have the will to next week.

Nes_Daze3961d ago

The EPL is entertaining to watch, but I'm not a fan of any particular English team to be honest. I'm sure Chelsea fans are proud of how far they've gone considering both Manchester teams got eliminated quickly.

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