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Vieira - United get home help

Patrick Vieira has offered another opinion on Manchester United by suggesting they receive preferential treatment from referees at Old Trafford.

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buddymagoo3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Penalties for since 03/04: Arsenal 49, Chelsea 46, Liverpool 44, City 39 and United 38

Manchester united have conceded 33 penalties since 2006, the 3rd most in the premiership. Blackburn - 36, Wigan - 35

Vieira talking rubbish once again.

stockmancity3841d ago

The guy that interviewed him misinterprited what vieira said.

Easy Bud

buddymagoo3841d ago

Sounds like he got caught out moaning to me. He said it but just didn't want it coming out.

ProjectVulcan3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

This kind of disturbance and publicity will not help City at all.....I have a feeling their reaction to banning the BBC is knee jerk and they will also be telling off Vieira now and saying keep your mouth shut you aren't helping

asmith23063841d ago

Who cares, its all part of the build up to the big game with City and Utd at the end of April. This gives it more of an edge so I say let him at it. (Even if he is talking rubbish) :)

KingPin3841d ago

if arsenal take away points from Man city and united keep winning until the derby than it doesnt really matter who sins the derby, Man United will still be on top of the table.....and Vieira will still be moaning like a 5 year old.

ProjectVulcan3841d ago

I also think the derby might not be so enormously important. I can see United being more than 3 points clear by that time. City could win 10-0 and still lose the title