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UEFA Champions League: 10 Reasons Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Will Be the Final

BR - It is arguably the football world's greatest rivalry: El Clasico. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

The two giants hate each other for all sorts of reasons, but for neutrals who have not pledged their allegiance to either team, watching Spain's two best teams play for the pride of their fanbases is superb theater.

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Nes_Daze3893d ago

I don't think so. And I'm calling it now. Real Madrid has to get through Bayern, easily one of the best performing teams in the champions league. Barca has to get through Milan at home, then Chelsea. I just don't see it happening.

Tommykrem3892d ago

I guess it's very possible, but Real will have a hard time against Bayern. Add some other wild cards like that Barcelona must win their next match against Milan, and that they have to beat Chelsea, which after all is a good team, and it's not a given that anyone particular will meet in the final.