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Mancini slams Balotelli display

Manchester City Roberto Mancini has voiced his disappointment with Mario Balotelli's performance against Sunderland despite the striker's two goals.

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ProjectVulcan3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

The guy still has a poor attitude but Mancini seems to be using him more as a scapegoat these days when things go wrong and that seems weak.

I mean, YOU keep picking him Mancini. If you really had balls you would drop him and force him out the club.

Whats the point in constantly blaming him for his antics on and off the field while always picking him? He'll never learn.

After all this time, this sort of Mancini claim starts to look like an excuse now whenever City play poorly. A convenient distraction.

Mancini seems to have done a decent job so far but he just doesn't appear to command respect from his players like certain other managers. They don't really appear to perform on his wishes.

KingPin3698d ago

and they dropped 2 points. this could be the 2 points that they lose the title by.

asmith23063698d ago

What does them dropping 2 points have to do with Balotelli. I admit, I think he is a liability at times but then he comes up with something brilliant. If he wasn't on the pitch yesterday they would have lost.