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Highlights: Blackburn Rovers 0-2 Manchester United (English Premier League - 02/04/12)

0-1 Antonio Valencia 81′
0-2 Ashley Young 86′

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buddymagoo3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Fantastic game, fantastic goals and our fans were... you guessed it.. FANTASTIC!


ProjectVulcan3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The fans were superb. Massive win. It was always going to be quite difficult and so it proved to be, but that sort of persistance and determination is why Manchester United are now heavy favourites for the title, and what City have lacked in the run in so far.

Blackburn did everything they could, played pretty well. They continue this for their remaining games i believe they will survive.

They will also be helped if United beat QPR on Sunday. They will get extra payment if United win the league from the Jones transfer so after this game i am sure they are hoping for it too!

If United beat QPR and City find themselves 8 points behind, they HAVE to beat Arsenal.

Failure to do so would all but finish their ambitions for this title. United could win the title BEFORE they even go to the Etihad at this rate. How much would United want to see a City guard of honour before the game?

At the very least they could clinch it there with nothing more than a draw. After all that has transpired, after all the press about United in decline and City up on the rails, i could not imagine a better way to silence all that by clinching the title at City.

Ferguson will be licking his lips at that thought.

mcstorm3697d ago

That was well put. I also hope this shuts up people going on about our squad. Yes we do need a few players for me we need cover for when young is not fit and cover for right defence but other than that we are ok. I think berba anderson and park will go at the end of the season though so saf must find someone to come in for them but i have said all season this is the start of another young united and and yes we will only win the league this year but this team will grow each season and get better and better as each season passed. United have been the only team since the premier league started to be there or there about because of the way they make there squads work. I am dredging the day saf leaves but if the next manager can carry on working in the same way united will never die. City and chesea are there because of the money at the moment but this will not last for ever and they will end up slipping down the league again when the owners have had enough plus just because you have money dose not bring you sucess Liverpool have proven this over the last few years.

I know the league is not over yet but no matter what team you support you have to say saf is one of of not the best manager or all time.

ProjectVulcan3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

In the summer Manchester United do indeed still need to dip into the transfer market, sell a few players or let some go.

Even if they are champions, the next generation is work in progress. I am certain that the age of Giggs and Scholes will play heavier on Ferguson's mind every summer that arrives.

This squad needs some work to compete at the top level in Europe now. City for my mind have better individuals, but in a team game it seems to me United have a mental strength and togetherness their closest rivals clearly lack. Which is why they are edging closer to being English champions once more.

United absolutely must solve this central midfield problem once and for all. Cleverley has to be pushed into the team too i think, it is imperative SAF finds out if he will make the grade.

This sort of team building takes time. To not change the attitude of the dressing room too quickly. This is what Ferguson is the true master of, assembling teams over several years, breaking them up beyond their peak (as i believe this squad transitioning now), and rebuilding them again.

No one i have ever seen has accomplished that to his level over his timespan in management from when he transformed St Mirren to first division champions to now. Not anywhere, not in England, Spain, Italy. Whatever. Success is one thing, sustained success is completely another.

PaPa-Slam3697d ago

Agreed, it was 1 heck of a game, and still there are son many more exciting games to come.


I don't know how else I can describe my love for Valencia, he's been our best player in every game he plays, he has the most premier league assists and that goal today was a proper FUCK YOU goal.

I want to marry him.

PaPa-Slam3697d ago

Damn, you are such a Fan, Respect.

But still i think you'll get reported for Cursing.

sokrates3697d ago

United, we are simple the best team ever in England! The rest can waste their money in big spendings, while we win matches:)

buddymagoo3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

And we are now the top scoring team in the Premier League! De Gea was amazing in this game also!

rowdyBOY3697d ago

did blackburn get hard done by ?

Anderson83697d ago

nah they had a few chances but it was all united for most of the game

rowdyBOY3697d ago

yeah , i thought howard webb will favour them somehow .
didnt watch the game

Infernostew3697d ago

There we 2 clear handballs that Webb didn't call for PKs on Blackburn so if anything he was not favoring us in the slightest.

Prophet1123697d ago

Nzonzi probably should of been sent off where he pushed Jones in the face right infront of Webb. Their one defender also was extremely lucky to stay on when he nailed Scholes with a elbow to the Jaw, I don't think Webb saw the elbow, just the tackle so the player only got a yellow card.

The Yellow card for Valencia was pretty pathetic considering some of the other fouls he let go unpunished.

zeddy3697d ago

good performace but i still think we're relying too heavily on valencia. everything good we did today came through valencia, he's brilliant.

PaPa-Slam3697d ago

So true,Valencia is AMAZING, but it'll be more nice to see other try just as hard.

KingPin3697d ago

we are relying too much on Valencia, i agree. but down the left hand side we had no creativity at all. i think we missing nani on the left. this was a perfect game for a player like nani. but when we brought on giggs to play on the left as well as young in the center you could immediately see the difference.

blackburn played well, if it wasnt for de gea we wouldve been down by half time. well played to the keeper. the defence played well too. evans and ferdinand kept things stable. evra and rafael played great games too. rafael and valencia click really well together too.

the most disappointing part for me was watching the blackburn fans walking away the minute the first goal went in. ungrateful bastards. their team played very well to hold on for 80mins and actually made the game hell for MUFC. the least they could do was appreciate the players performance.

asmith23063697d ago

Thats like saying Barce rely too much on Messi, which they do; but it isn't a problem by any means!

RedDevils3697d ago

Actually, Rooney suppose to be on the left in this game, but he keep moving to the centre too much. I was hoping we take Jones and Chicha Off and Replace them both with Welbeck and Young before the 60 minutes, thank God the sub was not too late, and both Subs make a great impact with Welbeck dragging players out of position, while Young and Giggs create chances from the left giving the team a better balance

zeddy3697d ago

i love him but chicharito has still a lot of work to do on his overall game. his link up play isnt great yet but im sure he'll improve.

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