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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why Leaving Real Madrid for Manchester City Could Make Sense

BR - Manchester City ready to launch sensational bid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this summer from Real Madrid," read the headline at last week.

In our rational minds, we knew exactly how to react. This was just the latest cheap-shot, baseless transfer rumour designed to suck in gazillions of readers through no more than the sheer audacity of its claim.

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Corepred43695d ago

Aren't they already overspending? Aren't they supposed to be punished for it?

b163o13695d ago

I thought E'to was the highest paid soccer player $550,000?

Infernostew3695d ago

Ronaldo's got all the money he could ever want. If he's going to leave his dream club, why'd he go to a small club like citeh? Plus, he has way too much respect for United and SAF to ever go there.

FatGayandbald3694d ago

Why don't clubs invest in home grown talent,there must be a few players like messi n ronaldo out of a population of 62million, i see millions of youths with nothing to do all day,mathematically its fact we have them,clubs make enough money so invest it bk big time but noooo they want the best n want it now and end paying silly money for someone who legs it when he becomes good or doesn't perform.

Ninjamonkey823694d ago

In the end this is why if another club steps in with the right money he will move it dosen't mater about dreams to ronaldo are pride.

Hes about the money and he believes hes worth it. Imo this is why he will never be the best player in the world are regarded among the greats.

Im sure if asked the same question now his reply would still be the same.

Dakidog3694d ago

I don't see what's wrong with saying you're worth something...especially if you are lol. I doubt we'd see Ronaldo at city, and if we wanted to go by your point of Ronaldo's character, why would he leave a huge market team like Real for city? Don't you think he wants the attention he can get from a big time team like Man U or Real?