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Barcelona vs AC Milan: Why the Second Penalty Decision Ruined the Tie

BR - As a preface to this article, let me just say that it was clear from the 180 minutes played in this Champions League quarterfinal that Barcelona posed a much greater threat to AC Milan, than vice versa.

Now that that's over with, let's point out the truth of the matter: that second penalty decision, gifted to Barcelona, ruined the tie.

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PaPa-Slam3695d ago

It's funny how everyone is blaming 'Barca' for an error committed by Referee.

ProjectVulcan3695d ago

It is a shame that a referee error on a crucial decision went in Barcelona's favour once again. If there is justice decisions may go Chelsea's way in the semi final because of what happened the last time those two sides met at this stage in 2009 to even it all out.

Chelsea's defence is far too wobbly to really get anything against Barcelona, but we'll see. They can certainly score and rattle cages for a while at least.

Nes_Daze3694d ago

An article full of "ifs", "would've" etc. Even if the penalty wouldn't have been called, who's to say Milan would've not made yet another dumb foul in the box? Milan's defense, heck any team's defense can only cope with Barca for so long before they break, first leg okay, second leg you have to be prepared to fight fire with fire against Barca.