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Barcelona Are Beyond Plaudits, But Has Brilliant Become Boring for Blaugrana?

BR - Has there ever been a football team with a higher approval rating than Pep Guardiola's bewilderingly brilliant Barcelona, who all too predictably defeated AC Milan to reach the Champions League semifinals on Tuesday night?

Outside of loyalist Madrid circles, it seems Barca are now almost universally revered. They have long since transcended the muddy trenches of fan loyalty and been elevated to a godly status that becomes only the fewest of the few.

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PaPa-Slam3834d ago

Maybe, but still they are way too dependent on Messi.

Corepred43834d ago

I've thought their style of football has been boring for a while now. I wouldn't say they are TOO dependent but they do weigh on him quite a bit. I'm actually more interested to see goals from Sanchez and Iniesta and even more excited to see how Puyol puts in it the net! lol

halocursed3834d ago

They count on Messi for all their big games.

badz1493834d ago

just look at the goal ranking on La Liga or even the UCL. Messi is the only name coming out!

buddymagoo3833d ago

They bore teams to death by passing backwards and sideways and then make a few passes when the opposing team loses interest them score.

PaPa-Slam3833d ago

Exactly what i'm saying, other player have to start playing their part better, you never know when your Best player is not in his best Form, Get injured or catches a flu & has no choice but to sit out. What will you do then, just lay under the other team & let them win.

Though i hope nothing like that happens to 'Messi', hope he stays well.

FatGayandbald3834d ago

They rely on 1 player and that makes him brilliant not the team, the rest of europe is lagging behind n creating the perfect conditions for barcelona to look good. Man United and Liverpool would destroy n sweep this barcelona team to the side in their prime.

nix3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

He's just been watching too many Barca matches. The situation is pretty much like Michael Schumacher who killed the F1 for me when he was in his prime.

Barca is a great team. Every manager in the world is scratching their heads to figure out how to beat this team for the last 3~4 years... which is a great thing.

I used to be a Man U hard-core fan once but after Barca beat them up [and how] in the UEFA final around 2009 [and they still beat them in the same fashion last year] , i gave up. I love Barca only because they really teach "great" teams from other leagues how to play football. Quite entertaining, to be frank.

The only part i hate about Barca is that they play around the D area just too much... but then again only Barca can pull off such stunts.

KingPin3834d ago

Barca play the most boring soccer i've ever seen.

dont get me wrong, it is good football. they keep possession and win games. but its boring to watch.

i said this before, barcas football is great for business but poor for entertainment. im sure proper football fans who actually watch ALL 90mins of a match will agree with me that seeing a team take 200 passes to get to the halfway line, another 400 passes to get to the 18 yard area and a further 600 passes to get into the area and score just isnt entertaining. then when the match stats show Barca has over a thousand passes people are like wow.

if there was a distance of 5ft that the ball had to travel before being counted as an actual pass, barca whould have 30 passes the whole match that would actually be counted.

most of the time i think the opposition just gets bored without the ball and falls asleep and thats when barca score. with football like theres they put all teams to sleep <and thats not a compliment> and then they win. if i had a choice to watch any team play live, id choose a bolton/blackburn match over any barca match.

asmith23063834d ago

El Classico is always a great tie, full of drama and good football as well. Its not that Barce are boring to watch, its because everyone is bored of them winning all the time! As a neutral to La Liga I have been rooting for Madrid for years. It's always more interesting when the underdog gets the result. Glad to see they are on top this season.

Nes_Daze3833d ago

I'm not surprised that you call their playing style boring.
I find it entertaining, they have a strategic flow to every pass and they get through places that you would never think a team would get through. Then you suggest that the other team gets bored....Incredible.

Rattlehead203833d ago

Wait, so you STOPPED following Man U because Barca humiliated them?

I'm sorry my friend but you epitomise all that is wrong with football. Being a complete gloryhunter and following the next successful team.

I am a Crystal Palace fan...A passionate one at that. They are my local team and no matter how shit we are (which is very) I have NEVER contemplated supporting another team.

nix3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

nope rattlehead... i realised that Barca is a better team and there's no point blindly supporting a team which does good only in their own league tournament. it's called wisening up.

i'm not a supporter or a fan of Barca... i just love to see them thrash teams from other leagues. that's all.

i would have supported my country/local football team too even if they were playing against bigger and better teams. now.. that's a different story.

Mozilla893833d ago

I have to agree with Rattlehead20 here, I had the same reaction. Once you truly start to support a team you just can't bring yourself to support any other even when they're doing bad.

I know my team isn't going to win the Prem and probably lose to Barca but it doesn't mean I'm not going to support them...

asmith23063834d ago

Read an interesting stat that AC Milan have as many goals in Serie A that Messi has to himself. Total Milan goals: 60, total goals for Messi this season: 60 and counting. That's staggering. It also shows how reliant Barce are on him considering he has scored so many goals and are still behind Madrid in La Liga.

yezz3833d ago

"only" 36 of those are in la liga...

real goal difference 100-27, barca 88-22..

sonic9893833d ago

the serie A is a defensive league ( better than those mediocre la liga teams )
on topic well the word refree has become more boring in my eyes since true everytime

HxCGamer3833d ago

those mediocre la liga teams are dominating most of europe right now.

nix3833d ago

sonic... your comment fails in so many ways.

"mediocre la liga teams". lol.

so much hate.

sonic9893833d ago

the europa league LOOOOOOOOOOOL the same can be said about germany lol the english teams are just having a bad luck this season ( and i am a madridesta )@ nix yes mediocre when real and barca ( plus the ref ) are dominating this pathetic league
look at that overrated messi he couldnt score against italians ( unless there is a penalty lol) lets be true to ourselves barca are way overrated and messi isnt that great i think CR7 is better and more complete than him remember he won a balon de or for winning the league ( WTF when snijder won the treble plus the world cup final and the top scorer ) wooow uefalona

Masta Kaos3833d ago

So loosing position is Entertaining?? Barcelona play they own Football that even Ferguson still can't figure out.....