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Robin Van Persie: 4 Reasons the Dutchman Should Be the PFA Player of the Year

BR - At the very least, he's got his manager's vote.

Perhaps having glanced at his star striker's domestic goal tally during his morning 'cafe', Arsene Wenger has said that Robin van Persie is "a strong contender" to be named the PFA Player of the Year.

Twenty-six goals tends to lend quite a helping hand for argument's sake. (That's the number of goals van Persie has so far in EPL play in 2011-12.)

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PaPa-Slam3691d ago

He certainly did very, very well, but him being the 'PFA Player of the Year', is pretty debatable.

asmith23063690d ago

How is it debatable? He has been top class all season.

Corepred43690d ago

There are a lot of other player's that play top class all season every season. Just because RVP is playing on a crappy team that makes his shine look that much brighter doesn't mean he should win.

buddymagoo3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I think Rio Ferdinand should get it. Without him at the back this season we wouldn't be top of the League. He is the reason why we will be Champions again.

PaPa-Slam3690d ago

Like the other dude said, there are far to many players who did really well.

freeduck3691d ago

RVP is Player of the year undoubtedly. He is the reason why Arsenal are 3rd