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8 Conspiracy Theories in World Football

BR - Fans and the media are always ready to come up with some great conspiracy theories when it looks like certain teams are favoured or others are wronged.

One of the most recent theories involves everyone's favourite club, Barcelona and you'll learn more about that in the slides.

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PaPa-Slam3885d ago

Damn, i am shocked at the first 2. Arms Dealing & Forcing an ill player to play just for Brand Awareness.

This sure is 1 fascinating sports, i love it.

Nes_Daze3884d ago

I'm not surprised about some of these, after hearing all the crazy theories people come up with here in the states. Sad really, at every corner there's somebody trying to brainwash you into believing one way or another. Best to keep an open mind and stay out of politics and extreme ideologies.

Blackdeath_6633884d ago

i actually think howard webb is an unfair ref, i doubt he favours man utd but generaly speaking he has made some really bad decisions this season. i think everyone is making him out to be a better ref than he actually is just because he was the ref at world cup