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Highlights: Manchester United 2 – 0 QPR (English Premier League -- 08/04/2012)

1-0 15′ (PG) Wayne Rooney
2-0 68′ Paul Scholes

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buddymagoo3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Lucky today but you win some you lose some. Scholes was incredible today, he just gets better!

zico3829d ago

lucky as hell! Ashley Young is a better actor than a footballplayer. Why do the refs ALWAYS respect United so much????

buddymagoo3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Aww boo hoo... sitting down in 8th, lol! Over the season these events even themselves out and we have deserved a few. It's not like we wouldn't have beat them anyway.

Chelsea yesterday got 2 offside goals, Balotelli should have been sent off in the first half today and against Tottenham. Newcastle got a penalty against Rio when it shouldn't have been. It happens!

I'd be more worried about your own team Liverpool lying in 8th below Everton.


sokrates3829d ago

Luck with the first because Of the offside, followed by penalty and the red card. We won easily, so not that lucky after all!

zico3829d ago

won easily because QPR had to play with 10 men.....


Yes because had QPR had 11 players, they would have easily won the match.

Anderson83829d ago

welbecks goal was wrongly disallowed so i'd say it evens up on the penalty decision.. red card was stupid tho

Fez3829d ago

Wellbeck was just offside, by a matter of inches but was still offside.

Fez3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

@disagrees, do you not know the offside rule?
'"any part of his head, body or feet is nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent (the last opponent typically being the goalkeeper). The arms are not included in this definition."[2] This is taken to mean that any part of the attacking player named in this decision has to be past the part of the second-last defender closest to his goal line (excluding the arms) and past the part of the ball closest to the defenders' goal line'

The right foot of the QPR player is the furthest back part of his body excluding his arms and Welbeck has parts of his body in front of that foot.

They even drew a nice white line across the pitch to show everyone he was offside.

No mention during commentary of a poor decision. No mention in bbc match report of a poor decision.

Pwning with logic, reason and evidence is so satsifying. Incorrect disagrees, not so much. Anyone want to explain where I've got wrong in my evaluation?

Kos-Mos3829d ago

This has not got anything to do with luck. It`s just a really bad ref. Hope he will be punished with some games in the lower leagues. United would have trashed QPR anyway.

asmith23063829d ago

They only scored a goal after the peno, thats no trashing. And getting a decision from a useless ref is generally called luck!

Kos-Mos3829d ago

Please give me an explanation on what "luck" is. Is it some divine power from beyond? Is there a luck-god that chooses who will receive his blessings?
No, my friend, the world is built on coincidences based on what we do.

ohahCantona3829d ago

For the first time in my life I was not happy for a United goal. miserable ref by punishing situation that really was an offside situation. And a totally wrong red card as well.... But United at won this match even if QPR had played with 11 the hole match because we are a better team and never loose these kind of matches.

And now when City lost against Arsenal, I celebrate the Sunday with a bottle of RED wine!!!!

asmith23063829d ago

One of the worst ref/linesman decisions of the season for the red card and peno. He should have the red scrapped. Great goal by Scholes.

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