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Highlights: Arsenal 1 – 0 Manchester City (English Premier League -- 08/04/2012)

1-0 87′ Mikel Arteta

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Anderson83831d ago

great goal from arteta arsenal played the off the park for 90 mins desreved winners.. balotelli should have been subbed at half time he was always gonna get sent off.. that should be another title in the bag..

i thought nasri left arsenal to win titles?.. shoulda chose us after all

Blackdeath_6633831d ago

agreed, i can't for the life of me understand why balotelli wasn't subbed of at half time. even i know that. dzecko should of played instead then maybe they had a chance of winning. to be honest i was impressed with arsenal in the first 20 min and even more impressed when they managed to keep it up.

ProjectVulcan3831d ago

Balotelli is clearly a disruptive influence but i say it again and again, MANCINI is the man picking the team and choosing who he sends out there.

He KNOWS Balotelli cannot keep his cool. He has to take responsibility for City's poor away form and their terrible run in woes, and the distractions from players like Balotelli.

City have to get their act together and play like a team. If United take this title, they will have won it by playing as a team and keeping their cool while City throw it away.

Arguably City have better individuals than anyone else in the league, but as a team, there is plenty to work on...

mcstorm3830d ago

The Gunners should of won by more and I agree Balotelli should of been taken off but he is one of them players abit like rooney who given one chance can make something happen and I think that is why he was not taken off.

I have said all a long that buying big names is not enough to win the league and I said City are not a group of players that look like they are close squad. If you look at United they never rant on the pitch about a free kick ect because SAF holds the final say. Also with what has happened with Tevez and Balotelli this season has been delt with wrong. United had a problem with Rooney last season but SAF again kept what he needed in the club and let out bits of what was going on and then put an end to it very quick. It was the same over xmas when Rooney and a few other players went out for longer than he said and he dropped him but said he picked up a knock and kept it all in the club. City have come out and blasted there players via the media and this should not be done it un settles the dressing room and club. If you look at Chelsea when they started spending big money on players they already had a back bone too and had the right manger in charge of them when they were going for the league and it has shown this season when AVB was in charge the team was not happy and showed on the pitch where now he has gone they are now a together and getting results to get back into the top 4.

City need a change of management and to look at what they buy. Its not about the big name players its about having the players who get on well and know what each of them are going to do on the pitch. Look at United for example with the players they have brought in Veron, Barthez some big name players that were a flop then you look at valencia, Ronaldo, Stam, Vidic ect who were not know as world class players at the time and have become some of the best at united.

kulka3831d ago

I'm just thinking how are City going to get rid of Ballotelli who proved that he is a complete idiot on weekly basis.. Can they sell him ? I don't think so no one would want to have him.

Infernostew3831d ago

Inter would buy him back or an Italian team, I guarantee that one.

Blackdeath_6633831d ago

well by the look of thing there are reports just coming out that he will not be playing for city after summer. mancini said he wont play again this season, so it looks like they gonna sell him.

FatGayandbald3831d ago

LOL no i in team, buying players in is totally different to building a team.These guys just don't gel.

LovIbra3831d ago

Yes City have bought a lot of players and someone call them "a buying team". But now they are fighting for titles as they haven`t done in years..... Bad sunday for Cityfans but the title-race is not over yet, although it now looks tough.

Still some points to fight for

buddymagoo3831d ago

United have to lose 3 games out of 6 for City to catch us. That, dare I say, is not likely to happen.

Blackdeath_6633831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

well as the banner says at the emirates
"you can't buy class"
if man city are to win title they need to build a TEAM as you said while winning a couple of trophies on the way. i cant see them winning league title any time soon, not at their current sate.

sokrates3831d ago

Love it! United takes it home. TY Arsenal!

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The story is too old to be commented.