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Arsenal vs. Manchester City: Loss Proves Mario Balotelli Is Tarnishing Man City

BR - In a contest that Manchester City needed to win against a prominent Arsenal Gunners club, 21-year-old Italian talent Mario Balotelli was again the reason that this team was unable to come out on top.

It was not only a loss that was considered crucial for this team's confidence, but one that has Manchester City with no chance at winning the Premier League title over Manchester United.

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PaPa-Slam3823d ago

I'm pretty sure this was his last Match as a 'City' player. He needs to come back to his sense soon, if he hopes to keep pushing his career to new heights.

asmith23063822d ago

Blame Ballotelli all you want, he is one of the only City players playing well at the minute regardless of his stupid tackles. The rest look like they aren't arsed. He got sent off in the 87th minute, big deal, the game was over at that stage. He is being used as a scapegoat for poor performances by the whole team. If he is so bad and influential in a negative way then why is Mancini starting him all the time?

KingPin3822d ago

mancini has stated now that he is done with mario. he doesnt think he will play the rest of the season.

"He got sent off in the 87th minute, big deal, the game was over at that stage." are you not aware that games have 90 mins + extra time. there has been plenty of last minute goals this season. to say the game is over at 87mins is loser mentality. as long as there is time on the clock, there is time to score. maybe not to win, but to get a vital point at least. but you cant do that with 10 men against arsenal.

to me mario is over-rated. i dont see anything that makes him great or even good. heck, i think Yakubu is a better striker than mario. balotelli doesnt have the skill of ronaldo, the modesty of messi, the team building of rooney, etc etc. great player, i think not. total waste of money, i think so.