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Highlights: Blackburn Rovers 2 – 3 Liverpool (English Premier League -- 04/10/2012)

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(0-1)Maxi Rodríguez 13'

(0-2)Maxi Rodríguez 16'

(1-2)Yakubu 36'

(2-2)Yakubu 61'

(2-3)Andy Carroll 90'

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freeduck3828d ago

Was an entertaining match overall. Going 10 men for most of the game will always be difficult but credit to the squad. Avg age was 24.8 - not too bad. Reina red card, Doni red card, now Jones will be playing this Saturday in possibly one of his biggest games of his career. We might have to draft the U18 goalkeeper as a sub on Saturday.
I don't think he will have too much trouble against Everton. He will have Johnson-Skrtel-Agger-Enrique covering the back.
Oh, and Maxi is brilliant - sucks he doesn't play that much :(

crazyturkey3828d ago

I still don't get why Maxi doesn't play that often. From what I've seen he always performs well for Liverpool.

zico3828d ago

agree, he has been good this year. Hopefully he start in the FA cup final!

freeduck3827d ago

No Liverpool fan knows why Maxi doesn't play that much, his goal scoring record is superb.
One idea is that Kenny prefers to start players like Downing and Bellamy because he bought those players, or Maxi is not a very good trainer so Kenny does not feel impressed before matches.

KazumaKiryu3828d ago

God the "commentating" was awful, had to switch the sound off.

Sp3Ci4LK4Y3827d ago

not much love for Liverpool on this site, dunno if its to do with their form or because 80% members on this site are Man Utd fans?

FootballZilla3827d ago

Lool Liverpool have a bunch of average players only gerrard, enrique and reina are really good players..

Henderson,Spearing,Jonjo what a midfield for a championship side loll

kulka3827d ago

all three midfilders are under 22 at the moment they have plenty of time to develope we are missing Lucas as well. But yes we need a stronger squad for next year

freeduck3827d ago

Henderson is for the future, so is Jonjo (who is brilliant btw I don't know what you expect out of a 19 yr old), and Spearing is supposed to be Lucas' backup.

Dalglish is creating a squad that will be successful for multiple seasons, not just 1-2 seasons then crash.

FootballZilla3827d ago

Yeh Jonjo will become better but Spearing Henderson And Carrol errmmm Nooo!

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