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Highlights: Wigan 1 – 0 Manchester United (English Premier League -- 11/04/2012)

1-0 50′ Shaun Maloney

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buddymagoo3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Squeaky bum time! Terrible performance tonight outdone again by work rate. We just didn't look interested until 75mins. Then it dawned on us that we could lose it.

The one positive is this will serve as a huge warning to sharpen up!

ProjectVulcan3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

United never do it the easy way. Losses in the run in last season and after going unbeaten all season losing to the bottom team in February.

Wigan were excellent tonight and United seemed flat. But also they could have had a couple of penalties, a stonewall handball by Figueroa, Welbeck being blatantly held too. I only point this out because people never see it when decisions go against United, only for. All credit to Wigan though- getting what they deserved however.

City will see a glimmer of hope but it is still United's to lose. City must beat Norwich at the weekend and scrap past Wolves both away games when their away form is poor.

Even after the derby assuming City actually win it they travel away yet again, to Newcastle. That will be a huge game and Newcastle on their day can beat anyone.

This run in will be far tighter than it should have been, but i still struggle to see United throwing it away considering City will almost certainly drop more points before the last game IMO.

United seem to actually perform better under pressure when they know they need a result. It is a useful wakeup call in the run in, and it least Scholes has been rested, Nani is back and actually looked fairly sharp. Can't wait for the next round of games!

GanjaMan3880d ago

haahaa gaps down to 5 points now enit? city will beat u so it will come down to the last game(s) of the season. i reckon city could clitch it by a point

ProjectVulcan3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

City's away form is still so poor.......they will almost certainly have to win every game to even stand a chance of winning it now. 3 away games from 5.

They have to beat Norwich away this weekend (had a weeks rest, on a high after their last win against Spurs) United had a stern test there.

Beat a scrapping desperate Wolves away.

Beat United in the derby. (Take this for granted, United will probably only need a point there to finish City but its a must win and pressure for them)

Go away to Newcastle flying high on stonking form (now the best in the league) and win there, then finally beat QPR fighting in the relegation battle who may need something to survive on the last day.

I don't see this happening. I can only see more dropped points for City. Even if it does, United can still win the title by winning the other 4 out of 5.

City are undoubtably still in there, but its a glimmer right now at best. Come back if City can get the gap down to less than 4 points before the big derby game.

As long as United have control after the derby be it only by 1 point, Swansea and Sunderland will likely have nothing to play for by then as long as they are safe so the money still has to be on the red team of Manchester.

PaPa-Slam3880d ago

Yes their away form is very poor right now, but you never know when they bounce back into form.

Either way, this is getting interesting.

kulka3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Good news at least we will have excitment until the end I hope City wins the derby and it will go to the wire

crazyturkey3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Well, this was surprising. United allowing City to have a glimpse of hope in the last few games. As a neutral I hope there is another Man. United Draw so that the game between them and the last 2 games get really exciting.

zeddy3880d ago

i think teams are finally figuring out how to play us, stop valencia and theres no other real threat. theres definitely no threat from midfield with scholes not playing and young hasnt really done a lot in the last few games apart from help evra on the left.
but once again fergie goes with chicharito upfront when we all know he cant hold the ball up for shit, hes good running onto the ball but in away games we need someone to hold the ball and link up play. he should have started with cleverly and welbeck in the first place, we were much better when they came on. if city beat norwich on saturday they will be 2 points behind which puts massive pressure on us for the villa game.


Let's not panic on tonight's performance, there was just no urgency from any of the players, Fergie won't let that happen again. This happens every year where we have 1 bogey match towards the end of the season but the team always recovers.

Wigan played really well today and fully deserved the win, their no pushovers this season since they've beaten both Chelsea and Liverpool.

Prophet1123880d ago

For the life of me I can't understand why Sir Alex kept Giggs on the field he was non existent for large parts of the match, he should of come off instead of Young.
Hell I think it would of been better had we started 4-5-1 with Cleverly and Pogba in midfield with Carrick behind them and Rooney up front.
The energetic youngsters with something to prove would of been better than the complacent experienced players at counteracting Wigans high octane pressing game.

Evra also had a really bad game, Young was doing all his work in the first half.

b163o13880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Thank you Wigan! With United having a easier back9 then City, I'd figured they cruise with a D, never considered they get a L. Good for City, especially with are W. Everton will be United's next L, then on 4/30 they will fall to City....

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