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Fergie not happy with ref Dowd after Wigan defeat

Sir Alex Ferguson criticised referee Phil Dowd after Manchester United were denied a penalty in Wednesday's 1-0 defeat to Wigan.

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buddymagoo3823d ago

United always get the decisions..... Oh wait!?

Corepred43822d ago

Well I mean they can't make it so obvious! Especially when United play like crap like they did, then everyone would definitely know! lol =P

NewMonday3822d ago

don't worry Fergi Webb will recalled for the rest of MU games :p

freeduck3823d ago

Don't forget Fergie that Wigan were denied a fair goal

ProjectVulcan3822d ago

They were. Then they scored an unfair one off the non corner. Evened it out quick enough! Lol.

But honestly United don't get special treatment they should have had two pens. Not that either pen means a goal but still Fergie usually doesn't complain without merit.

He did also admit hands up Wigan were far better, his comments were justified.

mcstorm3821d ago

vulcanproject I agree with you on this. After the game SAF said Wigan were the better team on the day and did not make excuses on why we got beat unlike some other manager out there. We should of had a pen for handball but you win some you lose some and tbh I kind of wanted Wigan to win because I don't want them to go down I like there style of football (I was the sane when we played Blackpool last game of last season).
I do think something needs to be done to help the referees get the decisions right though as it is costing teams some big pints this season and it could be one of them decisions that send them down.

kulka3821d ago

Fulham should have had a penalty as well on the dying moments of the game at Old Trafford. If they had that penalty and scored the gap between city and united would only be 3 points

ProjectVulcan3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

If, if, if kulka. If Newcastle weren't given their penalty against United to equalise in November. If Stoke had got their penalty against City that Barry owned up to. If Balotelli would have been sent off as he should have against Spurs only to later not only win but also score the penalty to win the match. Hmmm.

If all the decisions had only gone United's way as some love to claim, they would be champions by now.

You could go on and on but its all done now and all that matters is the future not a few biased ifs and buts

kulka3821d ago

Introduce the video technology and get rid of the 'if' and but's. This is the world's biggest sport's yet it is one of the most backward

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Gamer19823820d ago

Wigan were denied a perfect goal and Evans should have been sent off. Lets be fair here Wigan probably should have won by more than 1 but thanks to Dowd they didn't yet Fergy takes a pop at him. Typical eh? Why not blame his players for having a poor game.

zico3822d ago

...he is always unhappy at the rep when United loose. He should blame his players. They played bad yesterday. Well done Wigan. You deserved 3 points (and you needed this)


Fergie says 'Phil Dowd had a disappointing game tonight, he never got to grips with it', and that's true he messed up decisions for both sides but Fergie goes on to say 'but that doesn't take away from the performance of Wigan - they deserved it.'

And of course he blames his players, "We were completely dominated by Wigan... It was an off-night that you sometimes get in football."
If you think Fergie doesn't have the guts to blame his players then you haven't been watching football for long.

CYBERSNAKE3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )


Jihaad_cpt3822d ago

Unless the ref made decision after decision against United (and he didnt) this is just an excuse United played shit and thats all.