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Liverpool chairman has 'great confidence in Dalglish' following Damien Comolli's sacking

Tom Werner, Liverpool chairman, has said that manager Kenny Dalglish has the "full support" of the board following the news that Damien Comolli, the club's director of football, has been sacked.

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freeduck3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

So I guess Comolli is taking the bullet for the poor league form. Owners aren't happy with squad's ROI. I love these owners who know that Kenny is the right man for this, Kenny needs to sign the players he knows will work

edit: Looks like the owners also sacked a few other Liverpool staff members, the head doctor, lawyer and the goalkeeping coach. More may follow, should be an interesting few months

GanjaMan3824d ago

U do understand comolli got sacked for queen kennys signings, right!? comolli signed suarez and enrique and they are your best signings. so all in all the person that brought in your best signings gets sacked but queen kenny somehow gets away with signing carroline, downsyndrome, adam and henderson? makes no sense!!

freeduck3823d ago

How do you know that Comolli wasn't the one who wanted to buy Carroll, Downing, Henderson and Adam?
Comolli's transfer philosophy was to choose targets based off statistics, not knowing that the result of statistics come from good play, not the other way around.
For example, Henderson and Downing were bought because Henderson was the top 3 last season who created chances, Downing last season had the most crosses. Buying players based off statistics proves to be ineffective in some cases. I still think Henderson is quality for his age and Downing needs time to gel. I will give Carroll another season.
Enrique was statistically the best left back in the EPL, and overall he has been the best left back Liverpool has had in years and he is probably the best left back in the EPL still.

Good buys, bad buys, but the new owners want targets that will actually move the club forward so that's why they sacked him

NewMonday3823d ago


Kenny himself said that the players where his choice and he told Commoli to sign them.

and Warner said Commoli was fired because of poor planning for next season.

Kenny is not off the hook he will judged at the end of the season, they could do it diplomatically by giving him another position at the club

kulka3824d ago

Well always good to have a nice spring cleaning :P. I just hope we will sign few great players this summer and I don't want any British players. Spanish and South American are cheaper and better

Sp3Ci4LK4Y3824d ago

Totally agree with u, alot of British players arnt consistant enough, they have no real flair or skill.

I dont really think Kenny Dalglish is the right manager for Liverpool, We need someone like Benitez who can attract and find them Spanish and South American players. Unless of course Liverpool win the FA cup, perhaps then we can attract good players. I also reckon some of our youth might be worth a shout.

kulka3823d ago

I heard rumours od Johann Cruyff is the leading candidate to take the job. This would be brillant he knows talent when he sees it. What he did with Ajax was amazing. If this is true then the philosophy of the owners is not to spend big like City but be more like Ajax or Barca developing stars within our own academy. Which I think is the way to go as the finacial fair play rules are about to be implemented

I also can't see us spending huge on transfers since the new stadium is going to take a healthy amount of money of Liverpool's budget..

NewMonday3823d ago

just to put things in respective:

Suarez cost 22m
Downing cost 20m