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Lionel Messi and the 11 Most Exciting Players in World Football Right Now

BR - Sports are entertainment. The reasons we bleed the colors of our team or idolize the personalities that play vary, but it still comes back some way to the notion that we watch because we enjoy the spectacle before us.

It is by no accident that the players we consider superstars and the teams that win the most trophies in football generally are the ones that are the most exciting to watch. Money determines prestige and that money flows to the clubs and players that give us the most to cheer for.

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PaPa-Slam3819d ago

Great list, but i would but Neymar at the second spot instead of C.Ronaldo.

kulka3819d ago

Not yet Neymar is not at Ronaldo's level.

PaPa-Slam3818d ago

I agree, but there something about 'C.Ronaldo' that i don't like, maybe the reason i don't like is that he thinks very highly of himself & it shows.