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Summer Transfer Window: Will He Leave or Will He Stay?

BR - With the summer transfer window approaching, some tabloids are quick to link big-name players to big clubs—generally without much substance to back up their claims.

This article will analyse the situations of 10 big-name players at their current clubs.

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PaPa-Slam3819d ago

'Mario Balotelli' is definitely out from 'City', it would be really surprising if he's not.

CYBERSNAKE3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Don't listen to what Mancini says, he's never a man of his word, just look at the Tevez saga. Balotelli will be here next season, I guarantee it.

kulka3819d ago

He is the reason City are trailing United at the moment every time he enters the pitch he is like a ticking bomb

PaPa-Slam3818d ago

Agreed, it looks like he's chasing trouble like there's no tomorrow.

zeddy3818d ago

he'll stay. who else would want him? city paid over 20 million for him and they wont get a return on that.