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Pele: Lionel Messi's Most Famous Hater

BR - Just when you thought Pelé—perhaps the greatest footballer of all time—would not say anything to minimize FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi again, he does.

Will this ever end?

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PaPa-Slam3821d ago

Pele, is getting crazier by the day, there is not reason for him to hate 'Messi', apart from him being possibly the future (Pele) a7 not being from Brazil.

And minimizing 'Messi' for those 2 reasons is stupid, he's doing more damage to himself than 'Messi'.

Hope He Comes Back o His Senses Soon.

SantistaUSA3820d ago

Never heard Pele say he hates Messi, Pele is Santista at heart, Santos F. C. is his passion, Neymar is the best in Brazil and the Americas and he plays in Santos FC! People need to calm down, Pele is talking as a fan, people takes things way too seriously nowadays!

ThrazN73820d ago

pele was only good because he played against crappy people

krazykombatant3820d ago

don't even. He also played against greats in WC.

PaPa-Slam3820d ago

Yes he certainly did, no one should doubt that, but all of this sh!t storm on Messi is hurting his (Pele's) REP.

b163o13820d ago

How many leagues did Pele play in? I'm not hating on Messi, but to me being excellent in multiple leagues is a plus IMO

heroicjanitor3820d ago

He wasn't the top scorer in a single world cup, and never carried his team to a world cup. There was always someone else being the star. One of his three world cups he played like 3 games in...

sealava3820d ago

messi is good for barca only where the team is full AAA+ stars .
what is he doing for his national side ?
there has been many better players who perform better for both their club ( without the help of AAA+ team mates ) AND their national team.


But is that really the reason why Pele hates Messi? Come on it's obvious, Pele is Brazillian and Messi is Argentinian, if Messi was Brazillian, Pele would be singing his praises every day. Why do you think Pele constantly claims Neymar is better when there probably isn't a single person on this planet that agrees with that ridiculous statement.

kulka3820d ago

Agreed Brazil vs Argentina rivalry is the reason for his statement.

Perkel3820d ago

Why people say messi is best player when he didn't have any world cup medal ?

Spain league is dominated by two teams. scoring 40-50-60 goals with teams that has 10-20x less money than you isn't anything amazing.

That's why World cup matters. They gathey ALL STARS and you play with teams that are comparable.

If messi won't win world cup he won't be considered best of all time.

Ronaldo in his prine time was as deadly as messi or more and he won with his team world cup.

Messi should beat first Ronaldo

yezz3819d ago

i cant understand why you should be on the world cup winning team to become better PLAYER.. it doesn't work that way, your team wins it not the player..

ronaldo played in barcelona and real madrid and scored many goals but not as much as messi! he has also scored many goals in champions league.

valencia, atl. madrid and bilbao are in europa league semi finals and manchester united were knocked down by one of them so i dont think they are that shitty after all..

krazykombatant3820d ago

Premier league is dominated by man u.

krazykombatant3820d ago

ok how many titles have they won in the past decade? lets just go that far... Premier titles that is. Don't even go there.