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3 Positions That Manchester United Will Strengthen This Summer

BR - Taking a look at Manchester United's recent transfer history, a clear pattern has emerged. It is a philosophy that is not only shaped by United's history of producing and developing young players but one that is a necessity going into a somewhat uncertain financial future. In this article I will suggest the three positions that United will look to strengthen this summer with this philosophy in mind.

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ProjectVulcan3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

United need a bunch of players IMO or at least bring through some of the younger talent.

Right back needs cover and competition for Rafael, Evra at left back is now clearly past his best and either Fabio needs more time there to grow into that position or they need a natural leftie maybe Aly Cissokho who seems very interested.

Centre midfield is well documented- All kinds of links there with attacking midfielders, Gaitan, Hazard etc

Finally when it comes to strikers i think United will be ok and there are far more pressing issues.

Even if Berbatov is allowed to leave Rooney, Hernandez and Welbeck with Owen as backup is ok. It isn't fantastic i admit but the problems lie elsewhere and money needs to be spent elsewhere better right now.

shadowraiden3823d ago

they dont need a RB ok hasnt looked best but Rafael and Fabio have both had injuries(as the case with pretty much every position in the united team this season).
smalling and jones have both looked very good to cover but now Rafael is back all should be fine.
CB is defo fine Evans has really come on since the critism and Jones and Smalling are both future England CB's and also Vidic coming back will command that defence to its usual solid self.
Evra while not the best defensive recently i think lends to no Vidic in the team and we have some good youngsters coming through to cover LB.

CM is the biggest priority by far i would love for us to have another go at Modric im sure he will be even more interested if spurs end up missing out on champions league. another favourite of mine is Hazard but their is also Cleverly who looked upto his injury a perfect fit in that midfield.

Strikers are perfectly fine Rooney is a world class player that aint just about goals but dictating play while welbeck is having a good season, also Hernandez is still a goal threat when he played with his off the ball runs(that would be even more useful with that CM that could spot them and play the right ball).

all in all United need 2 players both CM a creative player and a defensive player.

ProjectVulcan3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

They don't need a right back??? How can anyone actually believe that!

Rafael is the only natural right back. The fact Antonio Valencia who is a right winger played 4 or 5 games at right back this season when Rafael was injured says United absolutely need another natural right back to at least make the position competitive.

Centre back is fine the youth is in place for it. I restate again that Evra is in serious decline (if you look at the vast amount of goals he has been directly at fault for this term) and Fabio needs games to prove he can take over that position soon.

However Fabio is going to go out on loan for next season- this surely indicates United will indeed be looking at bringing in a left back....

I am pretty disgusted i have disagrees without those people adding a reply. Especially as i spoke so much common sense. I think there is a lack of decent knowledge from people here.

United desperately need a right back, possibly a left back although it isn't an emergency yet, two centre midfielders desperately to replace Scholes and Giggs. At least one creative, and maybe one holding.

In my book thats a bunch of players.

guigsy3825d ago

Central midfield has to be a priority, I would prefer we invest all our funds on one world class midfielder.