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I’ll take another red if it means we reach the final

LUIS SUAREZ admits he would repeat his shameful World Cup handball at Wembley today.

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krazykombatant3694d ago

any other player would have done that given the position. People saying that the gold should have still counted can go right ahead and piss off. The player COMPLETELY MISSED the penalty. If he misses from that close then they deserved to lose.

freeduck3694d ago

I agree. Fools think he "cheated." No, it would be cheating if he blocked the ball and got away with it, but he didn't. Suarez got a red card, and Ghana had a penalty. Fair decision, I don't know where the "cheating" came from.

silvacrest3694d ago

you guys should think of it like this, s striker takes a shot and scores, time is rewound, the striker takes a shot and misses

is that fair? and if it is can you justify it?

buddymagoo3694d ago

hypocrites! It's not ok to dive but it is ok to deliberately hand ball so a team loses a game.

You lot are nuts. Both are wrong!

krazykombatant3693d ago

@buddymagoo HE GOT A RED CARD!?! did he not?!?!

buddymagoo3693d ago

He wouldn't have missed if Suarez wouldn't have cheated. So what if he got a red card it doesn't make it right and he learned nothing from it other than he would cheat again as he has said.

Blackdeath_6633693d ago

if he didn't hand ball it then it would of been a goal.

Corepred43691d ago

It's in the game! You tards need to get off your high horse. He used his hands deliberately, okay you get a red card. That's exactly what happened. Dude should have made the penalty. It's not shameful, it's smart! Kinda like kneeling in American football at the end of the game. Sound like just a bunch of people still hating on Suarez about the Evra situation, cough man u fans cough, lol.

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I just hated the way he celebrated when Ghana missed that penalty, I can understand taking one for your country while in that moment but come on show some respect atleast, yet he acts like he's done something heroic which really isn't.

silvacrest3693d ago

and this is just one of many instances regarding suarez

buddymagoo3693d ago

Not what I would call a gentleman sportsman.

Rob9463693d ago

anyone would of done what he done, he did do something heroic for his country and that is why he celebrated, he is a hero for the people or Uruguay and I understand why he did it even if it was wrong we all would of done the same thing.

silvacrest3693d ago

what your saying is logical but in reality, some people wouldn't do this because they see it as cheating, doesn't matter whats at stake, its still cheating

buddymagoo3693d ago

It's the same principle as stealing. Now matter how you look at it, stealing is wrong.

Rob9463691d ago

I think it would just be a reaction that most people would do, if a ball comes at you and you know handling it can save you while also cheating many would do it. Not saying it's right but I understand why he did it.

Nes_Daze3693d ago

Honestly, I laughed my ass off when Suarez did that. Sure it was shameful, many might have done the same thing. He saved his team from being eliminated, he "cheated" yes but I wouldn't regret it either.

Kos-Mos3693d ago

No,because you're fucked up in your tiny footballers head.

Nes_Daze3692d ago

^ Apparently you've never cheated on anything and think yourself all high and mighty, Football is a game, players cheat, Suarez was punished, write a letter to FIFA if you want to change something that every game on earth has.

Corepred43691d ago

Something we agree on Nes. These guys are annoying with their 'that's so shameful and cheating!' crap! Guess what if the ball didn't pass the goal line, no matter the reason, it's not a goal!! Simple as that.